Russian TV presenter was attacked by Ukrainians in Thailand and almost killed by drug addicted taxi driver

Ukrainians attacked a Russian TV presenter in Thailand and almost killed a drug addict taxi driver

Thailand is not the same as in the old days, especially in terms of security: although prices there have not risen much, adventure can amaze you unpleasantly, and even bring nightmares to a single woman. This was stated in an interview with MK by TV presenter Dana Borisova, who told how Ukrainians attacked her in Thailand and almost killed a drug addict taxi driver. She also had to hitchhike and survive the new year with a power outage.

The main problem, in her words, is that back on June 9, the cultivation and use of cannabis was legalized in Thailand, and “Thailand has become the wrong one” – “a lot of smoky people” have been added to the traditional relaxation of the Thais. At the same time, you can run into them in the most unexpected place – for example, the tourist herself “ran into” such a taxi driver. The background is as follows – the TV presenter flew out with the dog, on which she forgot one of the papers for her transportation through the customs of Phuket. As a result, she flew through Bangkok, where such documents are not required. And already from Bangkok, she planned to fly domestic flights to Phuket. However, this paper was also required for domestic flights, so the only transport by which it was possible to get to the island with a dog without the necessary paper was a taxi. And this is where the “adventure” began.

“We thought that we went with a normal Thai taxi driver, but the horror began. At first, the driver promised that he would deliver in 9 hours, but it turned out that it was all unrealistic, then he indicated one amount, but in fact it turned out that it would be 10 times more expensive: almost 40 thousand rubles. We did not immediately realize that cannabis was already allowed in Thailand, but when he suddenly stopped on the highway in the middle of the night, turned off the lights and went to the tent, where a cannabis leaf was drawn on a cardboard and two ambals were neighing, we immediately understood everything and were very scared. Well, imagine: I am alone with my teenage daughter, with the dog Michelle, in the bag are all the cards, documents and money. At the same time, the track is completely empty. We, of course, experienced terrifying moments, ”complained Dana Borisova. According to her, the driver quickly “began to behave inappropriately: overtook, cut, sang songs.” The host's daughter was most frightened: “I was afraid that we would be killed and raped,” she said.

As a result, the tourists managed to escape from the drug addicted taxi driver by “barricading themselves” in a roadside motel. “We somehow found a motel where there were some houses and, most importantly, cars were parked, which means people are sleeping. After receiving the keys to the room, we went to the parking lot, snatched the suitcases from him and ran away. I started screaming, “Help!” – said Dana. Moreover, she assures that the further way to Koh Samui, which the tourist and her daughter hitchhiked, scared them less. True, they had to survive the new year without lighting and, accordingly, a banquet and a holiday.

At the same time, the tourist assures that in Thailand “the prices are normal, so we even decided to change tickets and stay not for two weeks, but for three.” “For example, we lived in a good hotel, during the day we could eat in an inexpensive cafe, and in the evening in a good restaurant, plus massage every day. And all this cost an average of 3,500-4,000 rubles, and in Moscow, living per day costs us an average of 5,000 per day, ”she said. But the hotel was not without adventures.

This time, the host had a clash with the Ukrainians, who attacked her. “The only manifestation of negativity was an attack on the part of a Ukrainian woman who came with a child. She threw a plate at us during breakfast when we started chatting with her daughter. And Polya still says to me: “It’s strange, she speaks Russian, why is she so unhappy?” But otherwise, we didn’t feel negative,” the presenter assured.

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