Russian woman living in Egypt gave an alarming forecast for tourists

A Russian woman living in Egypt gave an alarming forecast for tourists

The financial crisis will bring massive problems for Egypt, especially for those who live on a fixed salary – and this includes hotel workers. As a result, tourists in Egypt expect a deterioration in service, an increase in the number of people who want to cash in on foreigners, including openly criminal and fraudulent methods, and other troubles. Such an alarming forecast for tourists was given by a Russian woman living in Egypt on her channel in Yandex.Zen. New problems await in Egypt and Russian “relocators”.

The pessimistic forecast is caused by the Egyptian pound's rapidly falling rate. As the blogger assures, most of the Egyptians are in debt, as for a long time they were encouraged to buy everything on credit – goods, cars and real estate. As a result, the calculations that it will be possible to repay the loan from the salary are not justified, the money “absorbs” primary needs, such as buying food, and there is nothing to repay debts. At the same time, there is no practice of bankruptcy of individuals in Egypt – for the inability to pay a loan, the Egyptians can easily go to jail.

At the same time, taxi drivers working on their own cars bought on credit are at risk. It is logical to assume that the number of such workers who want to get an extra pound out of the pocket of tourists will increase. True, not everything is going smoothly with tourists either.

“This is going to be a tough year for Egyptians, especially those on a fixed income. Including hotel employees. Their tiny salaries are less and less supported by tips from tourists, who also began to save money, ”the blogger notes. By the way, she also predicts that there will be significantly less local tourism – for the same reason of lower income.

Another problem that tourists can expect in connection with crises is the growth of crime. “I do not rule out that we will again hear about street robberies, ripping off bags, stealing from apartments. Women should be especially careful in dealing with the local population. It is better to completely abandon new acquaintances, ”the blogger warns. Most likely, working Russians will also be “cut off” salaries, and those who receive in foreign currency will receive in pounds. “If now a foreign chef in a restaurant receives 500-700 dollars, and an Egyptian 4,000 pounds, then probably a foreigner will be paid 5-7 thousand pounds. Since there is no labor shortage in Egypt, it will become more difficult and expensive to obtain a license or a work visa. And the increase in the cost of obtaining work visas will completely force us to abandon foreign qualified specialists. Which, in turn, will affect the quality of service,” the blogger adds, explaining that this applies to chefs in hotels, animators and many other specialties.

Relocators also face their own problems: “Wangyu, that they will be required to register with the obligatory consular register. However, like all Russians living in Egypt,” the blogger notes.

The only possible optimism in her forecast is, according to her estimates, “Egypt's national entertainment”, that is, the matter will not end with another revolution. “The people understand that revolutions will not solve problems. Even the most courageous demand a change of ministers, not the resignation of the president. There is hope that the completion and launch of mega-projects will begin to give the country funds,” the blogger added.

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