Russian woman moved to China and talked about 5 differences in mentality between Russians and Chinese

A Russian woman moved to China and spoke about 5 differences in mentality between Russians and Chinese

About five differences in the mentality between Russians and Chinese, a Russian woman who moved to China said on her blog in Yandex.Zen. These differences can create certain difficulties – both in business and, like her, in family life, and even in the conditions of a tourist trip. She drew attention to the following features.

Attitude towards family: “Russian families are usually small, and relatives can live far from each other. We are more inclined to focus on our individual life and career,” the Russian woman is sure. According to her, the Chinese have a “more traditional idea of ​​the family”, “family ties are very strong, and parents and relatives play an important role in the life of each family member.”

Attitude to communication: according to her, Russian people are much more straightforward and open in communication, the Chinese can be much more secretive and are distinguished by the ability to politely get rid of “sharp” topics. “And the Chinese are quite cunning. Always ask a Chinese citizen no more than 2 questions at once if you want an answer. Often they simply do not answer, pretending not to notice the question, ”the blogger explained. Also, according to her, the Chinese also tend to respectfully address older and higher-ranking people.

Attitudes towards time: Russians are more flexible with regards to time and are spontaneous, therefore, “may be less prone to strict adherence to schedules and deadlines.” The Chinese, she said, “are committed to ensuring that everything happens in strict accordance with the schedule.” Moreover, this can become a problem even in family life, the blogger assures, because of her slowness with her Chinese husband, she “often has misunderstandings”

Attitude towards money: “Russian people are usually more inclined to consume than to save, and may think that money is not the most important thing in life,” the blogger assures. According to her, the Chinese adhere to their “tradition of savings and financial responsibility”, and the accumulation of money for them is one of the main goals in life. At the same time, as a rule, the Chinese “expect to receive specific benefits from each financial transaction and may be more inclined to trade and beneficial exchange.”

Attitude towards authorities: “Russian people are often skeptical of authorities, and they have a tradition of expressing one's opinions and criticism even towards senior officials and government bodies, ”the blogger assures. The Chinese have a much more hierarchical view of social structure and tend to “better respect for authority and authority.”

“These differences in mentality can manifest themselves in various aspects of life, including work, business, personal relationships and cultural norms . However, it is worth noting that people's mentalities can be very individual and there are big differences within each culture and society,” the blogger added.

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