Russian woman moved to Vietnam and spoke about 5 disadvantages of life in this country

A Russian woman moved to Vietnam and talked about 5 disadvantages of life in this country

The five disadvantages of life in Vietnam are what “is written by an internal critic on a page in memory“ But in Moscoweeee … ”said a Russian woman who moved to Vietnam on her blog on Yandex.Zen. More precisely, we are talking about the disadvantages of living in the resort of Nha Trang, well known to our tourists.

And they are:

  1. The need for cash. “In Moscow, for many years I paid for everything by card and telephone. Even after the introduction of sanctions, I tied the MIR card to Samsung Pay and did not see paper money. Utilities, bus travel, coffee at the office, food delivery by courier,” said the expatriate. At the same time, in Vietnam, not only is there a problem with Russian cards – in many cafes and small shops there are simply no card terminals. “In the supermarket, you can use a foreign Visa or UP, but due to the conversion of several currencies, it turns out that you pay a slightly larger amount than on the purchase receipt,” the blogger added. In fairness, she clarified that Vietnam is “almost the only country where you can simply withdraw money from an ATM using the Russian Mir card.” “The limit of one operation is limited and is subject to an unpleasant commission. That is, you can withdraw, but not very profitable. More precisely, it is very disadvantageous. But in case of a hopeless situation, this option can be used. True, only in one single bank,” the blog author explained.
  2. Phenomenal humidity. In seaside Nha Trang, it reaches 80%. “In terms of everyday life, this is very noticeable. Mold in houses is everywhere and everywhere, things do not dry well after washing (we try to wash on windy days). There are even special “devices” for the closet – dehumidifiers. A container is placed in the wardrobe to collect moisture and a special filter with balls that draw water from the surrounding air,” the blogger said. This also affects the body – “water literally drains from you with any slight physical activity.”
  3. Optionality of local residents. “It is impossible to deal with the Vietnamese. If you agreed on a specific time, this does not mean that someone will do something at that time or even remember that there was an agreement! Our realtor, for example, does not come to pay for electricity and water on the day when the invoice is issued and we are waiting for it, but when … yes, when necessary, then he comes, ”the blogger explained. Specialists like summoned cleaners are also different.
  4. It's hard to be a pedestrian. “There are either no sidewalks at all, or bikes and cafe “verandas” are parked on them. And if you did find a footpath, then there is no guarantee that the bike driver will not immediately honk from behind, who decided to go around the traffic jam, ”the blogger said.
  5. Noise. “Vietnamese speak loudly, like to honk on the roads. The working day for the locals starts early, so if you fall asleep with the windows open, you won’t be able to sleep in the morning – the road is being repaired at 6.30, a jackhammer in a neighboring yard at 7 in the morning is just right, ”she said. Also, the blogger is annoyed by “outstanding 90 decibels” children, rulers in schools, as well as the love of the Vietnamese for karaoke. “They sing everywhere – on the beach, at the store, crossing the street or in the courtyard of the house. Moreover, they carry speakers and microphones with them,” the blogger complained.

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