Russian woman revealed how to stay in Thailand for a year on a student visa

A Russian woman revealed how to stay in Thailand for a year on a student visa

It is not necessary to be a university student in Thailand to apply for a student visa and stay in this tropical country for a whole year legally. Details and instructions on how to implement this were shared by a Russian woman on her channel in the Yandex.Zen service.

As the author explained, in Thailand, to become a student, it is enough to enroll in a language school and pay for a year's course in Thai or English. In this case, everyone over the age of 12 will have the opportunity to stay in the country for a whole year. Our compatriot emphasized that the visa will be valid even if the student does not attend classes. But a student visa has pros and cons.


  1. You can apply for a visa inside Thailand, no need to travel to neighboring state to receive it. This is currently the case, although before the pandemic, tourists from Pattaya traveled to Laos to apply for it.
  2. Minimum documents required: payment, a copy of the passport, an apartment rental agreement and a photo. You don't need proof of money in your account and insurance.
  3. You don't have to go to school and not study. “Usually, when they miss classes, students are suspended, their visas are closed, but in Thailand they turn a blind eye to this,” the Russian woman said.


  1. Cost. Currently, the price of the average annual course and visa cost from 30,000 baht, i.e. approximately 46'000 rubles. Do not avoid additional costs in the form of visa extensions every quarter. The price of the service at the local immigration office is 1,900 baht (2'900 rubles). This can be done 3 times. The total goes under 37,000 baht (57,000 rubles) for the opportunity to stay in Thailand for a year, ”the blogger considered.
  2. Quality of education. According to the Russian woman, there are very few schools in Thailand that offer advanced English training, especially in resort areas, and the price tag starts at 45,000 baht (69,000 rubles). Most schools are aimed at the elementary level.
  3. It is advisable not to leave Thailand all year. The author said that this is an unofficial clause, but its violation can lead to interrogation “with predilection” of a newly minted student if the opportunity arises: “This story began a long time ago. Immigration officers realized that there were already too many students in the country. And they began to all, to whom their hands reached out, to arrange interrogations with predilection. Hands reached out most often at the border, where such alleged students were asked: “Where did you fly”, “Why in the middle of the school year”, “Where is the student card”, etc. And if it was not the first visa in the passport, then they were even turned around and not allowed into the country.”

Instructions on how to apply for a student visa to Thailand are as follows:

    < li> Find a school on the Internet by request language school or clarify in thematic groups. Contact the school and clarify the conditions, price, area. Sometimes schools ask to send documents in advance, but they will definitely not issue a visa in advance, the Russian woman warned.
  1. Fly to Thailand, collect the necessary documents on the spot and pay for tuition at the school. “Moreover, it is better to fly to Thailand on a tourist visa, and not on a stamp. Although many schools promise that the visa will be ready in 3 weeks, in reality the process can take up to 6 weeks. And if your stamp runs out, then you will have to cross the border again, ”she warned.
  2. After obtaining a visa, attend or not attend classes.
  3. Remember to renew your permit every 3 months at the immigration office. “Is it possible to extend the visa for the second year, I think that now no school can guarantee. After all the covid restrictions, we will find out what the requirements will be in a year,” the blogger added.

Recall that you need a visa to live in Thailand. Here are the types of visas offered by the Thai authorities:

  1. Student visa. It is issued for a year for those who paid for education in the country. Issued to persons over the age of 12.
  2. The most common is the tourist visa. In the kingdom, a tourist visa cannot be obtained; it is issued in advance at the Thai consulate in the country of departure. Issued for a period of 2 months with the possibility of extension in Thailand for another 1 month.
  3. Business visa. Issued to those who plan to work in Thailand. To obtain it, you need to find an employer in Thailand, independently open a company in the country and employ yourself in your company.
  4. Retirement visa. Issued to foreign citizens over 50 years of age. It does not depend on whether a person has reached the retirement age according to the criteria in their country or not.
  5. Thai Elite. Issued for a period of 5 to 20 years. Not very popular due to its price. However, it makes it possible to live in the country for a long time and is considered the most “problem-free”.

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