Russian woman revealed the most effective way to transfer money from Russian cards to receive them in Turkey

A Russian woman revealed the most effective way to transfer money from Russian cards to receive them in Turkey

Tourists who go to Turkey, it is more profitable to withdraw currency after arrival than to buy it in Russia and carry it in cash,” said a Russian woman living in the republic. To do this, it is enough to make a transfer using a mobile phone. The most effective way to transfer money from Russian cards for subsequent receipt in Turkey was shared by a compatriot on the Yandex.Zen channel and added that you should know life hacks in order to transfer money the first time.

According to the Russian woman, now withdrawing money from an ATM in Turkey means losing almost half of the amount from the transfer. Therefore, she began to look for new opportunities: she decided to use a transfer to her name from a Russian ruble card and receive dollars or Turkish liras in Turkey at a good rate. The procedure from the moment of transfer via mobile phone to receipt at the nearest pick-up point took the Russian woman no more than 30 minutes.

What did the author do? Installed the application “Golden Crown”. “In it, by the way, information about the address of residence and other points is not important, the main thing is to correctly indicate the last name, first name of the sender and passport number in Latin. The same goes for the recipient: if they ask you to write a middle name, we don’t write, but put a tick “without a middle name”. And we don’t check the box about informing the recipient either: we will lose 99 rubles,” she explained.

Then she made a transfer from the Tinkoff bank card. “Using the Tinkoff Black card, I tried to make a transfer from it, but for 2 days I did not receive notifications, confirmation codes, etc. to confirm the operations. I used the Tinkoff Black MIR card – all SMS immediately began to arrive and the money for the Golden Crown was safely gone.

At the same time, the Russian woman did not recommend transferring money from the Sberbank card, referring to the unpleasant situation that happened to her friend: “After two attempts to send a transfer, my friend’s card was immediately blocked with the requirement to request further permission from the issuing bank for such operations” .

The transfer must be made from one current account/card. “For example, they put money on your card online, and you are already transferring to yourself through the Golden Crown system in order to avoid once again the reasons for the possible blocking of such operations,” the blogger clarified.

What what else do tourists need to know?

  1. Even in resort towns and villages there are points where you can get money in cash.
  2. When choosing a currency for receiving a transfer other than transfer currency, no transfer fee is charged.
  3. The rates for sending Golden Crown transfers to Turkey have been reduced: from Georgia (commission is 0.75% when paying in US dollars and euros) and from Uzbekistan (commission is 0.9 %). The promotion will last until 06/30/2022.
  4. The system has limits: up to 300,000 rubles and 10 transactions.

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