Russian woman said that living in Turkey has become alarming

The Russian woman reported that living in Turkey has become unsettling

The once calm and safe Alanya, where people could not close windows, balconies and doors, return home in the evenings without any problems, has begun to change in recent years . The Russian woman said in her Zen channel that life in Turkey has become unsettling due to the increase in crime, accidents and the number of beggars on the streets.

A Russian woman has been living in Alanya for 10 years and remembers how safe it used to be there even at night. After the flow of refugees from Syria, despite the region being closed from them, there was a period of increased thefts. The Russian woman recalls that once a man looked into the windows and her bedrooms on the first floor. Also, there were always accidents in the country, counterfeit goods and illegal substances were sold, there were homeless people and beggars. However, the previously listed remained unnoticeable against the background of a general sense of security. Now the situation has changed.

Recently, many foreigners and residents of other regions have come to Alanya. As a result, the number of accidents, robberies, accidents on the roads, quarrels, fights and even murders has noticeably increased. Crime reports are increasingly coming to the fore in the news. As a result, life in Turkey has become more unsettling. On the street, a Russian woman feels uneasy, passing by companies of non-local guys, she tries to keep an eye on her phone and bag, double-check whether windows and doors are securely closed.

Last week, shootings were reported in the center of Alanya, then in Mahmutlar, and a couple of days ago in the Damlatash area. There were wounded and dead. The official media do not provide details, but, according to rumors, the owner of a local store made a remark to a teenager walking with a dog, and the boy's relatives came to deal with him. The case ended in a brawl, a fight and shooting. A car was shot at in Gazipasa, the driver was wounded. Also in Alanya, robbers who were hiding after a raid on a jewelry store in Erzurum were detained.

Every day, terrible accidents involving foreigners are recorded in the country, often with fatal outcomes. This is especially true of the D-400 route, which runs along the coast through the regions of Tosmur, Kestel, Mahmutlar and Kargicak. Often it has to be crossed by tourists hurrying to the sea, and cars rush along the road at insane speed. The limit of 50 kilometers per hour on the highway was removed, despite its passage in many places through city centers. In some periods, reports of the death of tourists in such areas appear several times a week.

The number of accidents has also risen markedly. Recently, two paraglider pilots fell into the sea, one of whom died. Also, a man fell from a paraglider on the territory of Calais and was injured. In general, the number of such cases with paragliders has increased by 40,000 per year instead of the previously recorded 10,000. It was even decided to create a special committee for the management of paragliding flights in order to regulate the industry.

The sea and the sea are also restless. For the second time in a few days, drowned people are found. Police expect an increase in the number of thefts on the beaches. The coast of Alanya this year will be patrolled by guards. Several people have already taken up duty in the districts of Kargicak, Mahmutlar, Kestel, Tosmur.

There are more homeless people and beggars on the streets, embankments and beaches. They equip their homes, pester passers-by and beg for money. You can now meet them several times during one walk.

The Russian expects that soon the situation will become even more alarming in connection with the upcoming elections and the announcement of their results. Dissatisfied rallies, riots and demonstrations are expected. Although Alanya is more peaceful than large cities or the capital, the Russian woman has already witnessed protests during which Kurdish shops and cars were smashed, crowds were marching and chanting slogans.

“Really scary from what could happen. There may be terrorist attacks, protests, provocations, ”the Russian woman writes. She notes that there have already been clashes and attacks in Erzurum after the rally of the opposition politician, Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu. In Diyarbakir, an attack was reported on the election bus of presidential candidate Sinan Ogan.

“Be careful now in Turkey, in all cities. Of course, you should not hide at home and somehow change your usual life. Just be a little more careful than usual in these May days, ”advises the Russian woman. By the way, local authorities are taking security measures. During the election period on May 14, most catering establishments in the country will be closed until 9 pm, a ban on the sale of alcohol from 6 am to midnight will be introduced, and schools will close on May 15.

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