Russian woman shocked after trying to send $5,000 from Russia to Turkey

Russian woman was shocked after trying to send $5,000 from Russia to Turkey

The Russian woman tried to send a large amount of money in foreign currency from a Russian bank to a Turkish one, but the operation “hung” for a long time, and then was recognized as “fraudulent”. In addition, the woman's monthly transfer limit was reset to zero and she lost subsequent attempts to make a transfer. The tourist spoke about the shocking incident on the blog pages in Yandex.Zen.

According to the new decree of the Central Bank of Russia, every Russian has the right to make a currency transfer in the amount of up to $ 5 thousand or the equivalent in another currency from his account in a Russian bank to a close relative's bank account in a foreign bank.

“I don’t even know how to assess what is happening … I decided to exercise my right and made an attempt to transfer the amount of up to $ 5 thousand to my daughter to a Turkish bank account via the SWIFT system using an IBAN number from my euro account in Tinkoff Bank,” she was indignant, noting that she sent the money on March 10.

At the same time, as a document confirming a close relationship, the woman attached her daughter's birth certificate. As a result, the transfer was accepted for work and the bank withheld a commission of 15 euros for the operation.

For four days, the operation was not approved, while the bank referred to the workload. However, six days after the authorization of the transfer, which was marked “approved”, the recipient's Turkish bank did not receive any information or money. Instead, the Russian bank returned them back to the account.
On subsequent attempts, the Turkish side automatically sent a notification with the note “Something is wrong with the bank from which the money should be debited. Contact this bank.”

A day later, the Russian woman discovered that her operation was recognized by the domestic bank as “fraudulent”: “The operation did not go through. The authorization was rejected as fraudulent.”

Since the bank in the Russian Federation indicated that the money had been transferred, on subsequent attempts to make a payment, the system gave an error related to exceeding the limit. Turning again to the Russian bank for comments, the woman received an answer that her issue was being considered on an individual basis and required additional time. Estimated time to resolve the issue is March 19.

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