Russian woman spoke about the fight against sharks in Egypt

A Russian woman spoke about the fight against sharks in Egypt

“Everything is calm in Egypt,” a Russian blogger living in Egypt commented on the situation after the shark attack. On her Yandex.Zen channel, she also revealed the measures taken by the Egyptians in connection with the latest shark attack on tourists in Hurghada and criticized the advice given to tourists on how to protect themselves from sharks.

She recalled that in Egypt summed up the results of a preliminary investigation of shark attacks on tourists in Sahl Hasheesh. The official version sounds as neutral as possible. The main reasons were called the mating season and the presence of food debris in the sea. Read the details at the link. The blogger also added that the investigation concluded that the same shark was behind both incidents.

“In general, everything is calm in Egypt. Yesterday I called up my husband (he is in Sharm) – she says everything is as usual, full of Egyptians (holidays), there are few foreigners, everyone swims calmly). Everyone, of course, heard about the Hurghada sharks, but no one is very afraid. In Hurghada, almost the beaches are open and working as usual,” the blogger said. The exception to her words are only those beaches where the attack took place directly. On Sahl Hasheesh and Soma Bay, it is still allowed to be on the beach and in shallow water, without swimming in depth. “You also need to be prepared for the fact that if (God forbid) there is another attack, the beaches can be closed again,” the blogger said. Also temporarily banned fishing, water sports. Diving and snorkeling allowed with restrictions, in permitted areas and only for certified centers/instructors. Yacht routes are now also controlled.

As for the answer to the question of what measures will be taken to protect against sharks, the blogger listed the following. The Egyptian side promises to train rescuers how to act correctly in such cases. “Most of the so-called “rescuers” now are whistling boys who have never seen that shark in the eye and have nothing at hand to somehow protect people. In addition, they have no idea how to act in such a situation. All these boys can do is throw a life buoy and sound the alarm (but the rest of the campers generally cope with this),” she said. The tourist called such a measure as protective nets unrealistic – it is impossible to install them on the entire coast for a variety of reasons, including because of the large number of berths. She also hoped that the Egyptians would indeed keep their promises.

But the blogger criticized the numerous tips “how to defeat a shark” distributed on social networks. “In the water, a person has no chance against a shark: one hope is that she herself will ignore and swim by (this is possible, sharks do not always attack),” she appreciated. There are chances to fight back with an oar or a mop, but this is clearly not the thing that will be in the hands of a bathing tourist, as for advice to hit a shark in the nose or in the eye – they obviously will not help the average tourist. “It’s best not to provoke her – to freeze (the shark can react to“ floundering ”). She can also react to blood and bright spots (bright swimsuit, jewelry) – it is better not to wear anything like that. But the best way to defeat the shark is to take the fight to land (c). Water is her natural habitat. And if for some reason she decides to attack, the chances of a person, frankly, are not enough, ”said the blogger.

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