Russian woman spoke about the pogroms in Sri Lanka and the situation in the resorts

Russian woman spoke about the pogroms in Sri Lanka and the situation in the resorts

The situation in Sri Lanka has escalated, it is very risky for Russians to go there. And tourists who are currently at the epicenter of events are advised to lock themselves in a hotel room and not go out. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (details here), and now a Russian woman who recently returned from a paradise island, spoke about pogroms and riots with the use of weapons and armored vehicles in Sri Lanka, which is popular among our compatriots. On the Yandex.Zen channel, she said that now she would not dare to go to this tropical country.

“The protracted protests in Sri Lanka have escalated into open clashes between supporters and opponents of the authorities. … the military was ordered to open fire on the protesters in the streets, the prime minister resigned, and the protesters burned down his residence. A state of emergency and a curfew have been introduced in the country, which, however, applies only to locals, as it was before, ”a Russian tourist described the tense situation.

As noted by the local press, the authorities introduced a state of emergency in the country against the backdrop of ongoing protests in the capital of Colombo, many people died. Earlier, police officers were allowed to open fire on demonstrators. The protesters demand the resignation of the president and the government of the country. The reason is dissatisfaction with their actions against the backdrop of the strongest economic crisis in recent decades.

According to the traveler, mostly tourists live in the southern, central, and eastern parts of the island, especially in the eastern, because. the rainy season has already begun in the south. Therefore, not everyone feels a dangerous situation yet. But it's probably a matter of time.

“Those who stayed were divided into two categories: those who recommend abandoning the trip, and those who continue to turn a blind eye to what is happening. Of course, everything is quiet in tourist areas, but if a revolution happens, it is difficult to predict whether it will affect tourists,” the Russian woman noted.

In order not to be at risk, it is better to choose another direction for travel. “A month ago, the protests were peaceful, I walked around the protest sites, talked to the locals and saw the police standing aside. Now I would not dare to repeat it,” the traveler shared.

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