Russian woman told how Egypt treats Russian tourists because of the Ukrainian situation

A Russian woman reported how Russian tourists are treated in Egypt because of the Ukrainian situation

Domestic tourists who plan to go to the Red Sea resorts in Egypt fear that they will face Russophobia and conflicts when meeting with locals and tourists from other countries. A Russian woman who has been living in Egypt for more than ten years spoke about the current situation in the “country of pyramids” and the mood of society there in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

The compatriot compared the North African country and the perception of Russian and other tourists by local residents with the song of Georgy Vasiliev from the 90s: where “the boyfriend invites Glafira to his place, but without fail with a piece of cheese and two pieces of sausage.” “This is how the Egyptians treat all tourists. And it doesn’t matter to them what nationality that “Glafira” is – the main thing is that the tour pays and takes money with them,” the author explained, noting that the citizens of Egypt in this sense do not single out our compatriots. All visitors on vacation are just a source of income. For any merchant and country in general.

Since the beginning of March 2022, little has changed in the country, the woman assured, except that it has become calmer in thematic communities on the Internet. Recall that 9-10 months ago there was a lot of aggression towards the Russians and Russia. Here is what a compatriot wrote: “Someone defiantly left the groups, removed them from friends. New groups were created – no longer Russian-speaking, but strictly on a national basis. I remember a bunch of mocking comments under posts about the sale of rubles (then the dollar jumped immediately to 120-130, and the cards stopped working) – that soon the rate will be 300, and in general, no one needs these candy wrappers anymore.

However, there were no mass serious clashes in real life, and not behind the monitor. As the blogger noted, the Egyptian authorities immediately clearly outlined their position as “Leopold the cat”: “Guys, let's live together, we love everyone and will not let anyone offend. And if something is wrong – do not seek, the instigators and the perpetrators will answer. And it doesn’t matter what color their passport is.” Moreover, the police of the resort state strictly monitors the observance of neutrality and the peaceful coexistence of all nations, otherwise it will not work.

The author also noted calm communication in social network groups. Political discussions in communities are prohibited. “Any currency – rubles, dollars, hryvnias – is changed without unnecessary off-topic comments. Of course, there is a category of people who can “purse their lips” when they find out that you are Russian (by the way, these will not necessarily be Ukrainians – some Balts, Poles, etc. do not like “ours”),” she added.

An important addition is that there are almost no Ukrainian tourists in Egypt. However, there are those who have settled in the country on the Red Sea since March, and, of course, those who live permanently, i.e. residents. With them, the Russian woman has lined up neutral communication. So, she said that many beauty masters who arrived from Ukraine work in the resort Sharm el-Sheikh. “I went to two hairdressers, they are both Ukrainian. I know a few other people who work as guides/guest relays. They usually don’t touch on sensitive topics, they communicate normally, ”the blogger reassured and added that she hadn’t met people who were radical.

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