Russian woman told how money is now being transferred from Russia to the Czech Republic and back

A Russian woman told how money is transferred from Russia to the Czech Republic and back

How to transfer money to the Czech Republic or receive an incoming transfer from a European country, joined the anti-Russian sanctions? There are not so many working methods left, and international services one after another announced the termination of services for Russian users. So, is it possible to do without SWIFT and what are the current restrictions?

Recall that after February 24, 2022, SWIFT transfers became more complicated. Some banks are disconnected from the system, while the rest have increased commissions due to the requirements of partner banks abroad. In April 2022, the Central Bank limited the transfer of funds abroad. All this has made life difficult for Russians who need to make/receive regular or one-time transfers from or to the Czech Republic.

A Russian woman, who has been living in the republic for 18 years, spoke about the current options for transferring money to the Czech Republic and back. According to her, Western Union, PayPal, PaySend, Wise, Golden Crown payment systems between the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic do not work due to sanctions. The usual transfers from Visa and Mastercard systems also no longer work, and workarounds have to be found, for example, to make a transfer to relatives who remained in the country as part of educational tourism. “Although some argue that they transfer money to themselves. But for me, for example, the payment to myself does not go in one direction. Gives an error message. And the commission is removed, ”a compatriot shared the results of the experiment in her Yandex.Zen channel. It is also not allowed to transport cash across borders.

What are the workarounds for transfers?

Today, there are several working options:

  1. Open an account in a third country. For example, Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan. Replenish the account, and give the bank card to the person to whom the transfer would be intended. This is what parents of Russian students studying in the Czech Republic do.
  2. Exchange with individuals. “There are websites, chats and even special groups in social networks where you can agree with someone on an exchange at the current rate. If these people do not know each other, then usually they meet and, when they meet in front of each other, they make an exchange. If they are acquaintances, then it is enough to agree on what day to make the transfers. We have to unite, there is no other way, ”she assured.
    At the same time, the Russian woman admitted that there are chats or social networks where you can exchange euros for rubles.
  3. We add that the current option also remains < em>transfer in cryptocurrencies. Most often, funds from a crypto wallet are transferred as P2P, i.e. funds from one individual go directly to the account of another. But there are nuances. You will need to choose a reliable exchange, which, firstly, must be friendly to the Russian Federation, and secondly, have a positive reputation. In addition, additional time will be required to verify the account.

How do students from the Russian Federation survive in the Czech Republic?

In conclusion, the compatriot added that some Universities pay scholarships to Russian and Ukrainian students. For example, at the West Bohemian University they pay about 5-6 thousand kroons per month (15-19,000 rubles at the current exchange rate). And some don't pay anything. “Some of the students work part-time to have money in crowns, especially those who are already in their senior years and their studies are already less than at the beginning,” the author said.

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