Russian woman told what is best to give to Russians who moved to Turkey

A Russian woman told what is the best present for Russians who moved to Turkey

Russian relocants who have moved to Turkey will be delighted with even the simplest gifts brought from the Russian Federation. It can be both classic food products and non-edible goods – they all remind them of their homeland. A list of gift ideas was provided by a Russian traveler living in the beach republic.

“Some of my list can be bought in Turkey (in some areas there are even shops of Russian products). But some don’t have time to search, while others don’t have extra money (these products cost 3-5 times more here),” the author noted in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

< p>Of the “goodies”, the tourist called for the following products to be brought from Russia to Turkey: condensed milk, honey, gingerbread, marshmallows, marshmallow, glazed sunflower halva, oatmeal cookies, jam from northern berries – currants, raspberries, cranberries, lingonberries, blueberries, gooseberries, as well as any chocolates. “If there is a lot of good chocolate in Turkey, then this country cannot boast of a variety of sweets,” a compatriot complained.

In addition, emigrants will be delighted with meat products – lard, “doctor's” sausage, salami, pork chop and etc.), as well as cheese, especially creamy or high-quality Poshekhonsky. Fish, if it is herring or sprats, is also considered a delicacy by Russians. They can also appreciate “Doshirak” and a pack of rye crackers, ”for some, this is nostalgia, the girl added.

“Even before us here, various “fashionable” products have not yet reached 100%. It is still difficult to find great protein bars in Turkey (they are available, but “connoisseurs” scold both the assortment and the taste). As well as buckwheat tea, vegan convenience foods, etc. Most Turks will never understand why they eat these obscure things. But if your loved ones are accustomed to superfoods at home, treat them to their favorite goodies, ”she said.

Inedible goods also got into the list of popular gifts for Russians. These are books in Russian, checkered notebooks, cosmetics, including Korean ones, board games and art supplies, linen kitchen and household goods. For the New Year – Christmas tree decorations.

As for books, the author complained about the inaccessibility of books for Russians in Turkey. “In Istanbul and Antalya, there are shops with stands of books in Russian, but the prices here are very bite,” said the tourist. Turks do not recognize checkered notebooks, their favorite is the line.

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