Russian woman told who replaces Russian tourists in hotels in Egypt

Russian woman told who replaces Russian tourists in hotels in Egypt

Egyptians at any opportunity like to repeat how important Russian tourists are to them. However, due to the events of the last decade in the history of Russian-Egyptian relations, our compatriots have become noticeably fewer in the hotels of the country of the pyramids. However, Egyptian tourism wanted to live, so it found someone to replace Russian vacationers. Now absolutely everyone is loved and welcomed there, even domestic tourists, who were not particularly favored by hoteliers before, said a Russian woman on her Yandex.Zen channel, who lives in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The beginning of the Russian market sliding down in the Egyptian resorts began in 2011, when our fellow citizens were massively evacuated from revolutionary Egypt. It was then that the employees of the tourist zone felt what it meant to lose Russian tourists, the author noted.

“Nobody liked that experience, but there was hope that this was a one-time occurrence. Alas, since then, catastrophes and force majeure have been raining down on our heads with enviable regularity. But a holy place is never empty. And no matter how the Egyptians suffer without the Russians (and now also without the Ukrainians), this niche is gradually filled by tourists from other countries,” she added.

The author noted that before the events of February 24, Egyptian tourism was kept afloat by Ukrainian tourists, although they were not distinguished by high solvency, because en masse went to the resorts of the Red Sea on budget vouchers. “And those who paid 100-200 dollars per person for the tour were not in the mood to overspend. But, apparently, it was more profitable for the Egyptian side to accept people at least at cost than to close and mothball the hotels,” the Russian woman specified.

Who replaced the Russians in the hotels of Egypt?


The leaders in the number of arrivals were Europeans – the British, Italians, Germans, Italians. In addition to them, there are many Dutch, Czechs and Poles in the resorts.
At the time of the advantage of the Russian market in tourism in Egypt, they consistently held second place. The Russian woman noted that Europeans differentiated preferences in resorts: “Hurghada has always been considered the patrimony of the Germans, and Sharm – the British and Italians.” Thanks to these travelers and locals, whom the Egyptians themselves did not like in hotels, hotels in the country of the pyramids managed to avoid failure. “Recently, some long-closed hotels began to “resurrect” in Sharm el-Sheikh, the Russian woman noted.

As for our compatriots, they are about 30%, the author noted. Expensive tours and intense heat repel Russian travelers from the resorts of Egypt. Nevertheless, hotel occupancy is within the normal range. According to the Russian woman, in some hotels the load can reach up to 50-60%. This season is the norm.


“The Egyptians promoted Hurghada and Sharm (Sharm el-Sheikh) not for their tourists, but for foreigners. Strange as it may sound, the Egyptians were not very welcome here, and the price tag for them was always higher than for the Russians. But in recent years, this policy had to be revised, and there were noticeably more Egyptian/Arab tourists,” the blogger said.

Traditionally, locals go to hotels en masse during religious holidays. So it was already in early May, when believers celebrated Aid el-Fitr – the end of Ramadan, and will be during Aid el-Adha (Kurban Bayram), which this year will take place from July 9 to 13. “On these dates, many hotels are 85-90% full and even more,” said the Russian woman. However, there are also many Egyptians at the end of June.

“It must be said that the Egyptians themselves/hotel workers generally do not like their own tourists). But any tourist means money, and you want to eat every day… So the Egyptians are gradually “conquering” their own resorts,” she said.

Chinese, Americans and French do not go


At one time, the Egyptians made a bet on the Chinese, deciding that Asians would flood the resorts, as was the case with the Russians in the 2000s: late 90s – early 2000s) … But the “Chinese intervention” somehow quickly ended, interest in the language disappeared, and the Chinese are somehow not visible on the streets.

According to the author, the Egyptians dream interest the Americans. However, while their desire is far from reality. In addition, the Egyptian resorts do not see the French.
“Just for the Europeans, and perhaps for the Chinese and so far hypothetical Americans, the Egyptians are actively developing cultural and historical tourism. So Egypt has stopped sorting out and is ready to fight for every tourist, ”the Russian woman shared. For these purposes, the authorities have increased subsidies to air carriers and tour operators who intend to deliver vacationers to the resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh and Marsa Alam. The load factor of aircraft required to receive a subsidy has also been reduced by 15%: from 70 to 65%. In addition, the requirement for negative test results and certificates for coronavirus has been abolished.

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