Russian woman visited Italy and reported 4 qualities of Italians that are annoying

A Russian woman visited Italy and reported 4 qualities of Italians that are annoying

It is pleasant to have a rest in Italy, however, in everyday communication, a Russian with an Italian is not so easy. A Russian woman who visited Italy told about this on her channel in Yandex.zen. She reported 4 qualities of Italians that are annoying.

“Our mentality is too different, not every Russian will take root among Italians – there are many annoying factors,” she said and named four reasons why it would be difficult for a Russian person to live in Italy

“They love delicious food and talk about it all the time.” As the blogger stated, Italians are characterized by a “crazy love for food.” “They don’t just use it, they talk about it all the time. And most often they eat in cafes and restaurants, as they appreciate not only taste, but also a beautiful presentation. If they cook at home, they strive to do it as effectively as in a restaurant, ”the blogger assured. According to her, most Russians, who are mostly used to eating at home and eating “no frills”, cannot understand constant talk about food. “Dialogue like this is more likely to irritate than delight,” she finds.

“They are not in a hurry and do everything “tomorrow”, and there is a great chance that this “tomorrow” will never come. “If an Italian has promised you something, be sure that he will keep his word, just not today … but tomorrow, which can last a long time,” the blogger assured. At the same time, the Italians are in no hurry. In conditions when you live in Italy and some issue urgently needs to be resolved, a person with a Russian mentality “will be annoyed by constant siesta breaks, postponements and putting things on the back burner.”

They do not know what punctuality is and they are always late” – the expected consequence of point two. “Agreed with the Italian for a meeting? Please arrive an hour and a half later than your scheduled time. Moreover, it does not matter at all for what reason you meet – for work or for personal matters, ”says the blogger. Moreover, according to her, “to be on time for them is bad manners.” And this is also a habit that irritates Russians a lot.

“Very bureaucratic and doing everything slowly”: officials in Italy have all the above habits too. “Perhaps the most unpleasant quality that irritates the most in Italians is their excessive bureaucracy, especially in state structures and banks. Employees in institutions do everything very slowly, especially compared to Russia. It will be difficult to get used to it, and even more difficult to become the same,” the blogger explained.

“In general, I prefer to relax in Italy in order to get maximum pleasure and enjoyment from the country, rather than anger and irritation,” – she added.

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