Russian woman was rudely insulted and attacked in a popular country

Russian woman subjected to rude insult and attack in a popular country

Russian tourist Alena Slavko ran into a rude insult and attack with property damage in “civilized” Norway. As the victim of Russophobia told, she went on a tour of Scandinavia and paid for the voyage with a damaged car and the inscription “killers” scrawled on the hood.

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According to the tourist, the tourists took a trip in their car from Belarus through Latvia, Sweden and Norway. The incident itself took place in Norway, on the Lofoten Islands, where tourists arrived at one of the mountains and left the car in an unequipped parking lot. “We saw everyone going down and up. Everyone was friendly. But when they returned, they saw that the side mirror was turned inside out, there was a small dent on the door, and there was an inscription on the hood, ”the tourist said.

From her words, murderers (murderers) were scratched into the car in English . At the same time, the tourist noted that she was warned before the trip: “I was told that sometimes garbage can be dumped on cars with Russian numbers, flags of another country can be stuck on or some inscriptions can be applied,” the tourist said.

However , in general, she did not feel rabid Russophobia in her journey. Moreover, as she told the publication, in Stockholm, in one of the mass-market stores, the seller said that he had many friends from Russia, and in general, “Russians are cool guys.”

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