Russian women were given 4 advice in connection with the beginning of the boom in the search for wealthy suitors in Egypt

Russian women were given 4 pieces of advice in connection with the beginning of the boom in the search for wealthy suitors in Egypt

“Marrying an Egyptian, how Minesweeper, you're only wrong once. Then it is difficult to find a man in his own country who marries after an Arab. Yes, and the Egyptians prefer those who have not previously had relations with other Egyptians, ”the Russian woman said on her Yandex.Zen channel, where she gave four practical advice to compatriots who fell into the wave of searching for wealthy suitors in Egypt and at the same time do not want to become “wives from the street”.

“Recently we have a “boom” for Arab men. If 10-15 years ago older women went to live in Egypt and chose prettier young guys, now there is a hunt for mature, wealthy Muslims. At the same time, girls of 20-30 years old strive to get a husband. Yes, there is one problem – such men have been married for a long time and have children. But that doesn't stop anyone. They fly directly to the family of an Arab, live with Egyptian wives, sometimes even in the same apartment, take care of children, clean, cook, make repairs. They hope to recapture their husband or at least settle down as a second wife. Well, it’s obvious that women have problems with their heads. It is useless to explain something… And then they will kick her out into the street, ”the author briefly told the most common story of the development of relations between foreign women and Egyptians.

It is better, she says, to live in peace and enjoy the sun, sea and new romantic relationships while they are happy, and not strive to get married in Egypt. The author compared Egyptian men with arabesque patterns – equally intricate and inconsistent: “Here in 5 years you can only recognize a person, or even more. And even if it seemed that you know everything, at any moment everything can change. Arab men are complex … They think one thing, say another, do the third. He is the master of the word: he wanted – he gave, he wanted – he took … do not try to figure it out.

In addition, she noted that before marrying an Egyptian and a Muslim, one should learn four simple truths. Let's list them:

The first advice-warning: The night cuckoo will cuckle the day one.

Blogger tried to convey the relationship of Russian women with the family of an Egyptian husband and him with such an old Russian proverb ourselves if there is a conflict.

Second tip-warning: a Muslim husband is ready to take a second wife at any moment.

As it turned out, even a marriage contract cannot deprive an Egyptian of the opportunity to acquire another wife. “The husband may not enter into an official marriage with the next woman. Enough ORFI. The maximum that he must do is to publicize the next marriage. He will show his second wife to friends or family, and that's enough. A Muslim husband is not obliged to ask his wife's permission for what Allah has permitted. Disagree – get divorced! The rights of a man are protected from all sides, but a foreign woman simply does not have them, ”she explained.

Third advice-warning: divorce is the only thing a foreign wife has the right to.

If, in the event of a divorce from an Egyptian wife, numerous relatives and marriage contracts with “compensation” come to the defense of a woman, then a Russian woman and any other foreign woman will be left with nothing. The maximum that can be done is to sue the children.

The fourth advice-warning: Egyptian relations are material.

“The Arab world is tough, very material, here no one will give you anything just like that. Marriage in Egypt is a contract on a material basis,” the Russian woman shared her observation.

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