Russians are not imprisoned: in Europe, airlines began to refuse to transport Russian tourists

Russians are not imprisoned: airlines in Europe began to refuse to transport Russian tourists

refusal to board five passengers with Russian passports on FinnAir. This information was provided to Fontanka by an eyewitness of the events.

According to him, he arrived at the airport with two friends, they all planned to fly away. At the same time, both have a residence permit in Germany. They bought air tickets to Helsinki. Another two victims were a woman with a child, flying through Helsinki flew to Tyumen not for tourist purposes, but for the funeral of a relative. All of them were deployed at the check-in and baggage check-in stage.

“They said that according to the new law, Russians are not imprisoned. Which one was not specified. Since there is no Fineair representative at Dusseldorf airport, we called the police. While the police were driving, they called the carrier's hotline. They did not help, they promised to return the money, ”said the tourist. However, the police did not help. “So they said in plain text: “We understand, but for the Russians it’s a ban,” said the victim. In the end, everyone decided to get through Turkey.

Most likely, the experts of the publication note, this is a consequence of the fact that Finland has banned the entry of Russian tourists since September 30. True, the decision was made only regarding Russians traveling for the purpose of tourism. Moreover, it is separately stated that “Finland also does not intend to prevent the return of Russian citizens to Russia through Finland.” However, it seems that the affected passengers have been handed out.

According to the statements of the Finnish border service, since the entry into force of the ban, border traffic has fallen 8 times compared to last Saturday at the Finnish border. Only 1285 Russians managed to cross it. More than 400 Russians were denied entry. At the same time, we note that property owners will also be denied entry – unless they can document that there is a reason for the visit related to the care or maintenance of the property.

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