Russians flying away from Hurghada told how in Egypt tourists are bred for money right at the airport

At first I didn't understand and I ask: I didn't understand – why?

– There are two of you, and three luggage places. $5.

I am perplexed by the weight of the first suitcase that is on the tape – 17.5 kg.

-So what? There weight is 17.5. We are allowed 23 per person. Why 3 bags?

Stands on its own – 5 dollars and all. Evening, I'm already tired, I say to my son: translate to him that the weight is 17.5 and we can have more, and the second suitcase is much smaller. None. I waved my hand, I say, already with anger – I'm tired, we're taking it with us to the plane! waved his hand favorably and said: – OK. You can check it in.

Mountain off your shoulders. Do you think that's it? Fig when! He puts our bag on the belt, but not on the one that transports to our plane, but next to it. I say: – Bet on this one.

-Yes. now,

And he hesitates, he doesn’t.

-Put it,” I say already very annoyed, “I'm not going anywhere until you put it on the right ribbon!!!!

-Yes, yes, – and everything is slow.


Already when I almost shouted, then I put it. I waited until my luggage safely disappeared behind the turn of the tape, and JUST AFTER THAT, with a calm soul, we went through the further “quest” at customs.

As the blogger assures, “if inattentive to such trifles, then you can safely give five dollars for nothing, or if you didn’t succeed in “fishing them out”, then it’s possible to lose your luggage.

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