Russians have a new route to get to Europe: perhaps the cheapest

There is a new route for Russians to get to Europe: perhaps the cheapest

A non-trivial, but possibly the cheapest route to get to Europe, appeared for the Russians. Uzbekistan Airways has announced routes from Tashkent to Milan and Paris since the end of March.

The details are as follows – the start of flights on the Tashkent-Milan-Tashkent routes is scheduled for March 28, 2023 and Tashkent-Paris-Tashkent for March 31. Flights will operate twice a week – on Tuesdays and Fridays.

As for prices, the cost of air tickets on the route Tashkent-Milan starts from 4,391,000 soums or 27.5 thousand rubles. The cost of air tickets on the Tashkent-Paris route is from or 27 thousand rubles. Round-trip tickets will cost from 40 thousand rubles. Air tickets can be purchased on the official website of the airline with a 3% discount, they add on the official website of Uzbekistan Airways.

Note that in order to get to Europe, tourists are advised to “turn their eyes to Asia.” The European route for tourists was left alone – through Belgrade, and it is not always cheap. The rest of the most famous hubs are Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Dubai and Yerevan.

Moreover, the tourist is required to decide the question “checkers or go?” – that is, to fly for less money but with a large number of transfers, or in comfort, but for significant amounts. For example, Ostrovka experts give the following breakdown of prices for Berlin and Paris. In December, it was possible to fly back and forth for 37,300 rubles. with two transfers on the way there (24 hours on the way) and one long way back (28 hours on the way); or for 65,000 rubles. with one transfer, travel time 7-10.5 hours one way. The cheapest ticket to Paris cost 32,600 rubles. with a change of almost a day in Ankara on the way there and two changes (27 hours on the way) back; and the fastest – 75,300 rubles, through short transfers in Belgrade. By the way, the prices of flights from Moscow to Tashkent at the end of March at the moment are about 8.5 thousand rubles.

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