Russians in hotels in Egypt began to steal dollars, replacing them with fake ones

Russians in hotels in Egypt began to steal dollars, replacing them with fake ones

A Russian woman living in Egypt shared valuable information about those who became more frequent in hotels Sharm el-Sheikh cases of theft of dollars from Russian tourists with their substitution for fake ones. She spoke about this in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

The problem is that money is not just stolen, but replaced with counterfeit banknotes, so the loss can not be immediately noticed. “This is already an advanced level – so that people don’t miss it right away. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. And to prove something in this situation is very difficult, even if the money was locked in a safe. Formally, only the administration has access to the safe, which does not have the right to enter the room unaccompanied, but in fact anything can happen, ”she warned. Theoretically, you can call the administration, the manager or even the police. They will conduct a survey of all those involved and register the case, but the chance to return the lost is extremely small, so the Russian woman urged not to keep large sums of money in the safe and not to demonstrate the presence of large sums in front of the staff. Otherwise, the likelihood of becoming a victim of fraud increases.

Let's give the story of one of the victims: “I had a rest in Sharm at the Cataract Hotel Layalina. Then I found fake bills in my wallet instead of $100. I left the money in my wallet in my suitcase in my room. I can't even imagine when and where it happened. There is only a possibility that someone from the staff at the hotel replaced, there could no longer be other opportunities.

plastic” cash is becoming one of the available payment methods for our fellow citizens. However, according to the author, it is better to exchange rubles online at a high rate than to take risks with storing currency in hotel rooms.

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