Russians in Turkey began to receive persistent SMS from the authorities

Persistent SMS messages from the authorities began to come to Russians in Turkey

, who has been living in this country for more than 9 years: visitors began to receive daily messages in the form of news changes and SMS notifications from the authorities of the country. Moreover, the nature of the distribution is persistent and comprehensive.

We are talking about the general informing of all our compatriots: “newly minted” and those who have been living in the resort country for more than one year. The messages relate to changes in various areas of life: from adaptation courses to mandatory chipping of pets.

“This is, of course, a joke! Foreigners with a residence permit in Turkey received an SMS that they need to take an 8-hour adaptation course. It would be nice if this was offered to those who had just moved here for permanent residence, but it seems that SMS came to everyone in general – even to us, who have been living in Turkey for nine and a half years. What an adaptation, I myself can read such lectures,” a compatriot was indignant in her Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the author, it is not yet clear whether such notifications are advisory or mandatory. This was not stated in the message, but there was a link sending the Russians to the registration form on the official website of Göç İdaresi – the Department for Work with Foreigners.

In a series of SMS mailings, the Russian woman also drew attention to the message from electric company. The Russian woman retold the content: “Update your data within 15 days, and if you don’t, then you are using electricity illegally and we will turn you off.”

“What is this? What a threat! You can’t just ask for information to be updated, why threaten to shut down as if we are malicious defaulters and evaders. It’s unpleasant, ”she noted and added that she had fulfilled the recommendation remotely, but she would have to bring the documents in person.

Since October 19, the cost of medical insurance for foreigners required to obtain a residence permit has been increased again). This time the price tag rose by 50% at once. “Allianz, which we use now, we were charged 15,410 lira (about 51,000 rubles) for two with my daughter (family insurance) for two years,” the blogger shared, adding that insurance companies, when voicing the cost of the policy, especially if the document is for a period of two years, “they charge themselves a decent commission in the expectation that foreigners will not understand and “eat” everything.” “Buy insurance now, and then they will come up with something else – they will stop giving a residence permit in general, and you will be left with your wasted paid insurance for 2 years,” she wrote.

All the screws are tightened, the process of obtaining a tourist residence permit “was greatly tightened – they give someone, someone does not.” According to the Russian woman, it looks like a lottery. Immigration authorities continue door-to-door rounds of visitors and reconcile data. Their goal is to make sure that the tourist lives at the place of registration. Violations are subject to severe punishment. Read the details in the article “The gendarmes went with checks on the apartments of Russians with a residence permit in Turkey.”

This is not all the changes concerning Russians that have come into force recently. For example, pet owners must have all their pets microchipped by December 31.

“I just want to live and not think about all this. Just work, relax, travel, enjoy the sea, delicious food, an interesting book, walks, just life with your loved ones nearby,” the author complained.

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