Russians in Turkey informed about new bureaucratic problems

Russians in Turkey were informed about new bureaucratic problems

In Turkey, the rules of residence for Russian “settlers” have again become more complicated. Another innovation came into force against the backdrop of a large-scale outflow of our compatriots to this country. Bureaucratic changes will affect everyone in one way or another. A Russian woman living in Turkey spoke about the “terrible infringement of the rights of foreigners” in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

“I often say that here in Turkey a foreigner can do nothing special, you can even not leave the house – and you still get some problems, domestic or bureaucratic. Unfortunately, over time it doesn’t get better and easier, all procedures become more complicated, services become more expensive and reduced in volume,” she wrote.

The compatriot spoke about the difficulties of obtaining insurance for foreigners under a residence permit, or rather, about the introduction of a restriction that has recently affected all insurance companies that provide insurance for a residence permit. “Now when buying new insurance (not renewal), the insurance policy starts working 6 months after its start date!!! Those. a foreigner receiving a residence permit and purchasing any insurance cannot use it for the first six months and, in fact, is not insured,” she warned and spoke about the alarming signs that foreshadowed the introduction of this condition.

For example, the insurance company Aksigorta had previously stopped issuing such policies without explanation, which forced the author to switch to a more expensive insurance company. Here is a quote explaining the importance of paperwork: “Why is insurance so important to us and why do we pay so much attention to it? It would seem, well, dear to you – buy the cheapest and live in peace. But it is important for us that the insurance works – after all, we live here permanently and we want to be able to use medical services precisely under insurance. And we really use it – we have experience with Aksigorta, several years of cooperation with Allianz, which we always considered the best, and this was confirmed by appeals to medical institutions when the insurance covered the necessary specialists and examinations. Last year we were also with Allianz, and I want to say that the company began to pay much less for hospital visits … the insurance covered only partially, and the last time it paid nothing at all. Moreover, we can definitely say that we do not abuse … “.

According to her, earlier such a restriction was only in some insurance companies, but now everyone uses it. “6 months is for outpatient treatment, and coverage for inpatient treatment only starts 9 months after the start of the policy. When extending the insurance, i.e. when buying a policy in the same insurance company, there is no such restriction, it begins to operate from the very beginning. But when switching to another insurance company, there is again a six-month failure to provide services, ”the blogger clarified.

The logical decision to remain a client of one company does not work, because. conditions are created for the client to choose a new one each time due to a reduction in the range of services: “Aksigorta “thrown out” last year the focus of refusing to issue insurance to foreigners, and now it sells new policies for only one year. And the same “Alliance” is pursuing some kind of tough defensive policy, with each extension, and especially for the second year, raising prices several times.

All these changes are inconvenient and make the quality of life worse, the author noted, adding that one constantly has to keep abreast of changes. “I think that the quality of life should still grow, not fall, and the regular introduction of such restrictions on foreigners causes a lot of trouble,” she stressed, noting that she could not find any official document confirming the information, because “Unfortunately, a lot of things are done behind the scenes in Turkey.”

“In my opinion, this is some kind of terrible infringement of the rights of foreigners. Buy for a year, use for 6 months. And if a person applies for a residence permit for six months, is he forced to buy annual insurance, but he won’t be able to use it?” – the author was indignant and called such a policy “extortion of money from the Turkish state”, referring to the fact that a person buys insurance just for a tick in the list of documents when applying for a residence permit and earning insurance companies and medical institutions, and not in order to really and comfortable to use.

In addition, the Russian woman criticized formalism in other areas of life. For example, the need to provide a notarized translated and certified diploma of education when it is required to exchange a foreign driver's license for a Turkish one. In this case, you will need to pay money to both the translator and the notary. “As the Turks themselves say, yapacak bir şey yok. You either agree to live according to the established and constantly changing rules and follow them, or you do not agree and leave,” the Russian woman concluded.

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