Russians will have to say goodbye to a certain type of tourist visas to Europe

Russians will have to say goodbye to certain types of tourist visas to Europe

Russian tourists will have to say goodbye to certain types of tourist visas to Europe. We are talking about multiple visas or multivisas. According to an analysis of recent trends made by PCT experts, multiple visas are currently issued by literally one and a half countries, but signing up for a visa there is a serious problem.

Experts reminded that out of 27 countries of the Schengen zone, only visa centers of eight countries issue visas to Russian tourists: Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia. At the same time, as experts report, “multiple entry visas are rarely given and only to a limited circle of people. Most often used with this choice is the “property qualification”.

“If there are millions on the account, then they can give them for three years, especially if a person has been abroad. It is extremely difficult to get a visa with a clean passport,” explained the general director of the Pink Elephant travel agency network, Alexan Mkrtchyan, who noted that visas for 2-3 years are rarely given and only to a narrow circle of people. For example, those who are able to show an extract on the presence of at least a million rubles in the account can count on an Italian multiple-entry visa. In others, 400-700 thousand may be enough, other experts add.

But in general, the assessment of the tourist market is unambiguous: Russian tourists can forget about multiple visas for at least a few years. Also, the experts of the tourist market distributed the countries according to the most probable terms and complexity of recording. Hungary and Greece most often issue visas for the duration of the trip, however, an individual can apply for a visa with almost no problems. A similar situation with Italy and Spain, the latter in 90% puts a double-entry visa for a period of 30 days. Tourists can still be lucky with Italy, especially if tourists have previously traveled to this country more than once.

Only France retains multiple visas, but this is the most problematic country when registering at the visa center. As representatives of the tourist market unanimously report, the number of slots for submitting documents is limited and it is almost impossible to sign up without a bot.

On average, according to tour operators, issuing a visa at the Italian consulate will take up to 20 working days, Hungary – 17-20, Switzerland – 15-20, Slovenia – from 20. states – the easiest way is in a month. “When preparing a package of documents, the help of a tour operator is more important than ever, otherwise there is a possibility of refusal, for example, due to an incomplete set or errors. Tourists perceive the disruption of the trip and the loss of money as a catastrophe,” the experts added.

At the same time, shortages and problems with recording immediately give rise to intermediaries trying to make money on services. Intermediary companies took advantage of the “blind spot” of the laws and launched almost legal bots for automatic registration for filing documents that intercept free time slots. Tourists have to pay an additional 4 to 7.5 thousand rubles for such a service. Read the following article for more details.

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