Russians will no longer be there: Egypt's tourism is preparing to lose 35% due to the departure of Russian tourists

There will be no more Russians there: Egyptian tourism is preparing to lose 35% due to the departure of Russian tourists< /p> The events currently taking place in Ukraine will negatively affect Egyptian tourist destinations, and the most valuable tourist flow for Egyptians from Russia will stop, reducing the inbound tourist flow to Egypt by 35 percent – such a disappointing future was announced for Egypt by the deputy chairman of the Committee on Tourism of the American Chamber of Commerce in the country of the pyramids Moataz Sedki, the Egyptian media quoted.

The official saw the reasons for the sharp reduction in the Russian tourist flow in the following:

  1. The changed diplomatic vocabulary, financial and other sanctions imposed by European countries and the United States against Russia have become tougher against the backdrop of the situation in Ukraine, so tourism in the country of the pyramids is morally preparing for the departure of Russian tourists from their resorts.
  2. In addition , the expert said that the measures taken by Western countries will lead to further depreciation of the Russian currency, which will make package tours expensive for most Russians.
  3. Sanctions have made it difficult for Russian tourists to make Swift transfers abroad, including in Egypt.
  4. Price increases due to a special operation in Ukraine will force Russian tourists to refrain from traveling abroad. Ukrainians will choose a similar path.


Despite the deplorable situation for Egypt, local tourism authorities believe that they will be able to adapt to current events. Moreover, they had worse experience behind them – there were no mass Russian tourists in the country of the pyramids for almost six years. After the terrorist attack on a plane with Russian tourists on board, Russia stopped direct flights to the country of the pyramids.

“If we go back a bit, we will find that in the Eastern European market, especially in Russia, the tourist flow to Egypt was suspended for a period of six years due to the crash of a Russian plane that crashed in the Sinai on October 31, 2015,” Sedkiy said.

Egypt then had a hard time, as it lost an important supplier of tourists to its resorts. However, he soon succeeded in focusing on alternative and atypical markets, and the tourist flow grew, approaching 13 million tourists. And this time, it is obvious that the travel companies are counting on the UK and Germany to make up the shortfall.

The total number of travel companies operating in the Russian and Ukrainian markets does not exceed three or four and only one or two hotel chains, while the rest serve other markets – so only a limited number of Egyptian hotels will be damaged, the expert added.< /p>

As for the Ukrainians, who were also expected this spring, the Egyptian authorities also have no illusions about them. There are no Egyptian statistics on the number of Ukrainian tourists in 2021 yet, but the State Tourism Agency of Ukraine reported in a report dated January 25 that 1.46 million Ukrainians visited Egypt over the past year, making Egypt the second most popular tourist destination for our neighbors after Turkey.< /p>

Summarizing, the tourism official praised the decision of the Chamber of Hotel Institutions to accept stranded tourists in Egypt due to flight cancellations, whether from Ukraine or Russia, as he noted that this would have a positive impact on Egypt's reputation abroad.

The Red Sea coast has long been a popular tourist destination for Russians, but after the attack in 2015 by the Sinai branch of the Islamic State, banned in the Russian Federation, which resulted in the downing of a Russian airliner en route from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg. Then 224 people died, and Russia suspended flights to Egypt. The ban was finally lifted last July, and in August Russia resumed direct commercial flights to the cities of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. Officials predicted that the number of Russian tourists would increase to 300,000–400,000 per month.

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