Russians won't come here anymore: EU expects loss of more than 3 million Russian tourists this year

Russians will not come here anymore: the EU expects the loss of more than 3 million Russian tourists this year< /p>European countries will lose about three million Russian tourists in the coming months, this figure was based on the number of seats scheduled on flights that were supposed to arrive in Europe from Russia between February 24 and August 24, 2022. In other words, the current summer season for European destinations will be gloomy due to the catastrophic shortage of Russian travelers.

According to data published by the analytical company Statista, the country that will lose the most Russian tourists is Turkey. For a six-month period, almost two million seats were scheduled for incoming flights from Russia. In second place is Ukraine with an expected loss of 1.68 million vacationers. On the third – Uzbekistan: the country of the post-Soviet space this year will miss more than 830 thousand Russian tourists. Egypt is in 12th place.

The list of countries that have lost a significant number of Russian tourists also includes the United Arab Emirates (minus 781.272 Russian travelers, 4th place in the ranking), Tajikistan (726.899 people, 5 -th place) and Armenia (563.199 people, 6th place).

The most affected member state of the European Union, experts expect, will be Germany. The country will receive 552.910 less Russian tourists until the end of August. In the general rating of the outflow of Russians, she took seventh place. The second EU member state to face a drop in Russian tourist traffic will be Greece: due to the escalating situation in the world, 303,843 places intended for travelers will remain unfilled. In the ranking, she took 11th place in terms of the expected outflow of Russians. The last place on the list belongs to the Czech Republic (minus 116.7 thousand tourists from the Russian Federation).

Cyprus, a popular destination among our compatriots, will also suffer from a reduction in Russian tourism (234.9 thousand), since our fellow citizens in this direction previously consistently ranked first in the market, and the tourism sector is the main source of the country's GDP. In the upcoming holiday season, the Cypriot authorities expect the arrival of only 20 percent of the usual tourist market.

“According to our estimates, we expected that this year there will be a million tourists from Ukraine and Russia, which is about 20-25 percent of the tourism market in Cyprus. The key point is the duration of this crisis. If it's over in a month, we'll come out unscathed. If it lasts longer, no economy can come out clean,” said Finance Minister Konstantinos Petrides.

Anti-Russian sanctions have been even more devastating as the world emerges from a pandemic that has already severely damaged tourism. And now let's list other EU countries expecting fewer Russian tourists during the six-month period:

  1. Italy – 229.003 people
  2. Hungary – 203.086 people
  3. France – 179.380 people
  4. Netherlands – 156.278 people
  5. Bulgaria – 149.801 people
  6. Spain – 123.184 people
  7. Czech Republic – 116.705 people

As a result of the events in Ukraine, the EU has witnessed a record influx of refugees. In Poland alone, a neighboring country to Ukraine, more than three million were registered by early May.

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