Russia's western neighbor lifted all entry restrictions

Russia's western neighbor lifted all entry restrictions

On May 1, Lithuania returned to normal life and became the latest country to abolish anti-COVID entry rules for incoming travelers. On the border with our western neighbor, tourists are expected by the so-called zero entry control, i.e. from the current month, they can enter Lithuania without restrictions, regardless of the country from which they arrived. This was announced by the Ministry of Health of Lithuania.

“Travelers arriving in Lithuania from anywhere in the world will no longer be subject to any COVID-19 requirements: they will no longer need to be tested for COVID-19 before traveling, even if they are sick or vaccinated, and they do not need will fill out a questionnaire from the National Center for Public Health,” local officials said.

According to this statement, from May 1, all travelers will be allowed to enter Lithuania without restrictions, even if they do not have a valid certificate of vaccination, recovery or testing. You don't need to be in quarantine either. The Lithuanian authorities reported that the decision to lift the entry measures was made after considering vaccination and infection rates.

Thus, according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Lithuania is currently experiencing a low average number of Covid-19 cases in 7 days since last summer. The current 7-day average is 604, while it was around 10k in February. In the country, 81.36% of the population were fully vaccinated. Since the outbreak, the country has had one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe. As for the infection rate, according to the WHO, Lithuania has only reported 4,603 new cases in the past seven days.

Internal covid restrictions have also been lifted. The ministry explained that the country will no longer require infected people to self-isolate, and the requirement to wear protective masks when visiting most public places, including public transport, airports and trains, has been lifted.

Except Lithuania, the rules will be lifted in May entry to several more countries. For example, Bulgaria has lifted all entry restrictions from May 1. Travelers will no longer be required to provide any proof of COVID-19 (details here). Switzerland will reopen to tourism on May 2. All travelers, regardless of their country of arrival, will be able to enter Switzerland without restrictions.

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