Scotch tape found a replacement: Russian airlines began to bind brawlers in a new way

Scotch tape has been replaced: Russian airlines have begun to bind brawlers in a new way

It is allowed to use special equipment against brawlers on planes, in particular, instead of scotch tape they began to be used They began to tie them up with handcuffs and nylon straps. At the same time, the number of debauchery, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, began to decline, however, “on the ground” in the Russian airlines themselves note that the decrease was mainly caused by a general decrease in passenger traffic, while the proportion of “violent” to the total mass of passengers does not decrease, and some air carriers even growing.

Recall that permission to apply handcuffs or nylon belts to brawlers was given from the summer of 2022. Previously, “in particularly difficult cases, improvised means were used on board, often scotch tape.” At the same time, as Kommersant assures, the issued decision did not reduce the conflict of passengers, but only protected the crews from possible accusations of “abuse of authority”.

Further, the publication cites official statistics – according to it, the number of cases of “destructive behavior of air passengers” in 2022 decreased by 22%, to 1.85 thousand. Such statistics are stated in the report of the main transport department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, sent to Rostransnadzor. At the same time, almost 1.5 thousand passengers were removed from the flight already on the plane by decision of commanders and crew members. Mostly they brawl at the largest airports – in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in Murmansk. At the same time, only 48 people “reached” criminal liability, mostly brawlers were brought to administrative responsibility – 1.8 thousand. Moreover, more than half of all the brawlers were in a state of intoxication.

information about drunken passengers before boarding is added to the report. According to the rules, drunk passengers must be reported to the police not only at the boarding stage, but also at the “early stage” – in the check-in area. But that doesn't happen.

At the same time, some carriers are talking about an increase in offenses. It should be noted that the airlines of the “first row”, like Aeroflot and S7, did not give official comments. In Smartavia, according to Kommersant's data, over the past year, the number of “destructive passengers” increased by 323.5%: from 17 cases in 2021 to 72 in 2022. The main violations are associated with smoking during the flight, being heavily intoxicated, as well as refusing to pay for excess hand luggage. “Special means” were not applied to brawlers.

Another unofficial commentary claims that the number of brawlers has decreased only “in proportion to the decrease in overall passenger traffic” – by 6% in 2022. “The figures from the Ministry of Internal Affairs do not reflect the real trend, it’s just that the fewer passengers, the fewer brawlers,” they assured there, also adding that they were mostly brawling thoroughly “took on their chests” before landing. “Hand luggage doesn’t fit, I didn’t like the place, someone was pushed in the aisle, they start to open their arms and it’s completely logical that they don’t fly anywhere,” the experts added.

But the “tourist” carrier Azur Air confirmed a decrease in the number of cases of destructive behavior and brawls. However, in order to reduce them to a minimum, he called for tougher penalties. “Now most violent passengers get off with fines for disorderly conduct or appearing in public places in a state of intoxication. In rare cases, an administrative article is applied on blocking transport communications (up to 100 thousand rubles fine), even less often it comes to criminal proceedings: under the article on hooliganism in transport (up to 500 thousand rubles or up to five years in prison) “, – aviation experts assure. Eight people were convicted of it in 2022.

Also, experts interviewed by Kommersant called the creation of a unified federal register of brawlers probably an effective method, getting into which will make it difficult for malicious violators to buy tickets. “Almost every carrier has its own black list, but a passenger “blocked” in one company can safely use the services of another,” they added.

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