Selfie tourist ended in a group tragedy: killed half of her family

Tourist's selfie ended in group tragedy: half of her family died

A tourist's “death selfie” at a natural attraction and an attempt to save her turned into a group tragedy – six members of this family died trying to take it save. It happened in India, near the Ramdaha waterfall in Chhattisgarh, which is famous among local tourists.

A large Indian family of 15 people came to the waterfall. Two tourists, Shraddha and Shweta Singh, aged 14 and 22, entered the water while trying to take a selfie when their younger sister slipped on the rocks and was swept away by the current, local media said. Relatives rushed to the rescue – the brother and cousin of the tourist, the wife of a cousin and a couple of relatives – they jumped into the river, holding hands to save the sisters. Alas, the current turned out to be so strong, and the water was so deep that the rescuers who came to the rescue were able to get only one woman who jumped to the rescue – Sulekha Singh, and she was in critical condition.

The rest had to be searched for by the police and divers from the State disaster relief forces to search for the missing, and the search continued until Monday, the bodies were removed from the water, but no one survived.

At the same time, local police emphasize that this attraction in a large number of signs have been installed warning tourists that it is dangerous to go down into the water: cold deep water with a strong current, as they say, “does not forgive mistakes”. This is not the first tragedy here – just six months ago, three more people drowned here.

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