Seven dead, 18 missing: a major disaster with tourists occurred in Italy

Seven dead, 18 missing: there was a major tourist disaster in Italy

The search for the dead and injured continues in Italian resort of Marmolada in the Dolomites. The reason for everything is the glacier that came down from the mountain on Saturday. Approximately two kilometers of the ice wall collapsed, and the collapse speed reached 300 km/h.

At the moment, the number of victims found by rescuers reaches seven dead and eighteen missing. Eight living but injured tourists were also found, two of whom are in serious condition. Three of the dead have not yet been identified.

Among the injured are two tourists from Germany who were hospitalized in intensive care in Belluno. This is a 67-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman. The rest of the casualties are local residents.

As experts predict, the death toll is likely to rise, given the number of missing people. The route was quite popular for trekking and climbing. In particular, 12 cars remain in the parking lots, whose owners have not yet been identified.

The work of rescuers continues with the use of drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras, which worked on Marmolada at night. The search involves members of the Trentino Civil Protection, with the support of the mountain rescue and fire brigade. In Canazei (Trento), where Draghi is expected, an operations center has been set up to coordinate rescue and search operations, and where the tragedy will be reviewed.

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