Severe depression expected over Egypt, tourists strictly warned

A severe depression is expected over Egypt, tourists have been strictly warned

resorts. This was stated in the Egyptian media by Manar Ghanem, a member of the Media Center of the Egyptian General Directorate of Meteorology.

The consequence of this guest, who goes to Egypt from India, will be a significant increase in humidity during the daytime, which, as the Egyptians assure helps to better survive high temperatures. However, this is a rather strange explanation, because it is easier to endure the heat at low humidity.

Also, the Indian depression will cause a strong wind to appear over the entire territory of Egypt in the evening. Which, on the one hand, will cool tourists, on the other hand, will lead to high waves on the Red Sea, which can interfere with sea excursions and seaside holidays: due to waves 2.5 meters high, even the port of Sharm el-Sheikh is already closed.

As for the weather, in Sharm el-Sheikh this week is expected to be extremely hot – up to + 37-38 degrees. It will also not work to cool down at night – it will not be lower than +29. Tourists are also warned about the active sun: during the day it’s better not to go outside or go to the beach at all.

In Hurghada, it’s a little “cooler”: during the day, about + 35-36, at night – the same +29. The water in the Red Sea is also warmed up to +29 degrees. By the way, it is still cooler than in much more northern Antalya. For details, read the article “In Antalya, tourists have lost the opportunity to cool off in the sea.”

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