She stripped naked, bit the flight attendants and rushed to the pilots: a drunk Russian tourist staged an extreme brawl on the plane

She stripped naked, bit the flight attendants and rushed to the pilots: a drunk Russian tourist made an extreme brawl on the plane

An extreme striptease with a brawl and attempts at self-mutilation on board the Aeroflot liner introduced the Mash telegram channel to its subscribers. Correspondents of the channel said that the tourist, caught smoking in the toilet, stripped naked, bit the flight attendants and burst into the cockpit to the pilots. The drunken brawler was calmed down with difficulty and only with the help of special means.

As the channel said, the “extreme striptease” occurred on board the Aeroflot airliner, flying along the Stavropol-Moscow route. It all started with the fact that a drunken passenger wanted to smoke – which she did in the toilet of the plane. The flight attendant, of course, gave her a warning – which was followed by an extravaganza.

The tourist “shaked along with the plane,” writes the author of the channel, after which she “bared her chest, began to yell that all passengers were under threat and for the sake of salvation she needs to go to the cockpit.” The flight attendant tried to pull the brawler away, to whom the inadequate passenger grabbed her shoulder with her teeth.

As a result, the flight attendants, with the support of business class passengers, managed to fix the brawler, put on her “first a bra, then plastic handcuffs. She spent the rest of the flight in them, after which she was taken to the department.

Recall that since the summer of 2022, it is allowed to use special equipment against brawlers on airplanes, in particular, instead of scotch tape, they began to tie them up with handcuffs and nylon belts. At the same time, the number of debauchery, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, began to decline, however, “on the ground” in the Russian airlines themselves note that the decrease was mainly caused by a general decrease in passenger traffic, while the proportion of “violent” to the total mass of passengers does not decrease, and some air carriers even is growing. At the same time, as Kommersant assures, the issued decision did not reduce the conflict of passengers, but only protected the crews from possible accusations of “abuse of authority.” Read the details at this link.

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