Shemon in Hurghada: Russian tourists told about the many circles of hell that you need to go through to return home

Shmon in Hurghada: Russian tourists told about the many circles of hell that you need to go through to return home

Russian tourists will still have to go through many hours of “circles of hell” from a series of inspections before they can fly out of Egypt's main Red Sea resort. At least, a tourist returning to Russia spoke about the comprehensive “shmon” at Hurghada airport on her Yandex.Zen channel.

According to her, the first “circle of hell” awaits tourists in the form of “search at the entrance to the Hurghada airport.” “Queue in turns 10. First, they checked passports and paper tickets. Namely, paper, printed. Those who didn't have it silently suffered on the sidelines, showing on the phone. They took pity, they missed it, ”she says. She also warned tourists that “shoes will have to be removed, moreover, twice.” Unprepared tourists have to walk barefoot on the dirty floor, because they don’t offer any “footprint socks”. At the same time, even slippers are forced to take off.

“We almost lost some of our hand luggage. Because several times they are forced to pass through a metal detector. People either forget to take off the belt, or the watch, or the phone in the pocket is found. But the things have already left…”, – the tourist adds.

The next stage is a personal search. There, according to the tourist: “You will be felt from head to toe. Separately women, separately men.”

“And again the inspection, large tables with Arabs and magazines. All with hand luggage here, please open, show, the employee rummages through your things, sign that you have passed the inspection, ”the tourist adds.

It is followed by the standard check-in for the flight: “If you bought an additional luggage a couple of days before departure, they may not find your payment. Prepare a receipt confirming payment. Before passport control filled out the declaration form, attached to the passport. It’s not difficult,” the tourist writes.

But the searches don’t end there — one more “search” is to come before entering the sterile zone. “Employees inspect hand luggage on a tape, then personally with their hands. Everything is flipped. Unpack souvenir boxes. They do it fun, talking in their own language. And you are standing next to them when they put both hands into your backpack, and somehow this is very unpleasant, ”added the tourist. At the same time, according to her, only Russian tourists find themselves in the sterile zone – a separate terminal is allocated for “ours”.

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