Shock and awe of European tourists: the largest airline cancels 10 thousand flights at a time

Shock and awe of European tourists: the largest airline cancels 10 thousand flights at a time

A record number of cancellations was made by one of the world's largest airlines – British Airways. In one day, 10,300 flights were canceled at once with a departure from July to the end of October, which is a real shock for tourists. According to the International Airline Group (IAG), which includes British Airways, 13% of the total number of flights, mostly short-haul, were canceled. As a result, the state of tourists can be described as “shock and awe”, and airline workers continue to threaten strikes.

In a statement released by the IAG, the cancellations are commented as follows – the entire aviation sector is facing big problems. It was also stated that it was ordered to provide flexibility to give passengers confidence in their travels. The cancellations are primarily due to the fact that the aviation industry is suffering from a shortage of staff after laying off huge numbers of workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As commented in the media, the situation is sure to ruin the summer plans for hundreds of Britons. Especially when you consider that alternative carriers adhere to the same policy. For example, EasyJet, another airline hardest hit by the chaos across Europe, also canceled 10,000 of its flights. The number of flights canceled by these two airlines in the UK alone has exceeded 20,000.

The carrier is also trying to reassure travelers that the vast majority of customers will not be affected, most customers will be rebooked within 24 hours. “We will notify affected customers directly in the coming days with information about their alternative flight or the possibility of rebooking or receiving a refund,” they add. But tourists are not happy with the situation, to put it mildly.

The staff, judging by the publications in the media, is also at the limit. At British Airways, workers are already about to vote to strike. Airports have similar problems: as one airport worker told the New York Times, “We are woefully understaffed. And we can't make ends meet anymore. Workers demand more.”

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