Shooting in Turkish hotel leaves 4 wounded

There was a shootout in a hotel in Turkey: 4 people were injured

A nightmarish awakening awaited tourists in a hotel in Turkey, in the town of Guzelyurt near Izmir. A quarrel between the relatives of the owner of the hotel and three locals who arrived at the hotel suddenly escalated into a shootout. Four people were wounded in it.

It all happened around three in the morning. All the actors are local residents, at least Turkish citizens. According to Turkish media, some three people arrived at the hotel owned by Ahmed E. – Berdal B., Hakan I. and Serhat G. The guests were sitting in the lobby of the hotel and after a while between them and the brother of the owner of the hotel Omer E. reason, an argument broke out, and it turned into a fight. ”

Apparently, the guests and the hosts were ready for a fight, as knives immediately appeared on the stage, and then a pistol, which Berdal B. “pulled out from his belt” and pointed at Omer. The owner of the hotel also came out to help his brother, already with two pistols and fired several shots at the attackers.

Awakened, frightened tourists called the police. The result of the quarrel – the ambulance took away all four, three visitors and the hotelier's brother. Of these, two were not seriously injured and were discharged, the rest, with chest wounds, remain in the hospital. The owner of the hotel has fled, now this search is underway.

Recall that “on average” such “Mexican passions” are not typical for Turkey: fights and stabbings happen, but it rarely comes to shooting. In Mexico, by the way, the risk of hearing shots on the beach is somewhat higher, and at the most popular resorts – for example, a little over a year ago, the shooting panicked tourists in the beach area near the Hyatt Ziva hotel – where extreme shooting took place. 15 attackers armed with “long guns” broke into the beach area of ​​the hotel. Luckily, the tourists weren't their target – the latter were only unwitting witnesses to the dismantling of drug gangs – the attackers were looking for a drug dealer from a rival gang, who was immediately killed – with some alleging that the killers ended up shooting him in a hotel room. Read more at this link.

Excesses in the spirit of “Gangster Petersburg” also occurred in Greece, neighboring Turkey. There, last year, at the start of the season, on the resort island of Zakynthos, there was a revealing murder of one of the well-known representatives of the Greek tourist industry. We are talking about businessman Dimis Korfiatis, who was shot dead by unknown persons, moreover, publicly shot from Kalashnikovs in the very center of the island.

According to the information of the Greek media, the 53-year-old businessman arrived at a meeting on tourism issues in the office of Agios Sostis . It should be noted that Dimis Korfiatis owns a large hotel in the Laganas area on the island of Zakynthos, as well as a submarine for tourists.

The meeting was supposed to be crowded, including representatives of the media. However, this did not stop the attackers – literally five minutes later, after the businessman, two people armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles entered and shot at the businessman. Read more at this link.

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