Shut up, I'm not your servant: the stewardess could not stand the nerves because of the annoying tourist

Shut up, I'm not your servant: the stewardess lost her nerve because of the annoying tourist

Employee Indian airline IndiGo got into a skirmish with a passenger during a flight from Istanbul to Delhi. Sandwiches became the cause of the conflict. Having lost her composure, the employee threw the phrase in the direction of the annoying tourist: “Shut up, I'm not your servant.”

The incident was filmed by other tourists on the plane and posted online. According to the Daily Star, the passenger brought flight staff to tears with her arrogant attitude and desire to eat a sandwich that was not on the menu.

Here is an excerpt from the dialogue between the tourist and the stewardess from the video:

“Please try to understand, there is a cart, and the dishes are counted. We can only give you what is provided by the class of service, ”the flight attendant told the passenger.

The woman interrupted her and said, “Why are you yelling?”

“Because you are yelling at us. I'm sorry, but you shouldn't talk to the crew like that.

I'm calmly listening to you with all due respect, but you should also respect the crew,” the airline employee replied.< /em>

As a result, her nerves could not stand it: the employee scolded the tourist for boorish behavior and poking her finger at the carriage. “Shut up! I’m sorry, but you can’t talk to me like that … I’m an employee, but I’m not your servant, ”the flight attendant flared up. The heated exchange ended with the employee turning away, putting on a protective mask and leaving.

An airline representative issued a statement regarding the incident: “We are aware of the situation that occurred on flight 6E 12 from Istanbul to Delhi on December 16, 2022 of the year. The issue was related to the meals chosen by some passengers traveling on a codeshare connection. IndiGo is aware of the needs of its customers and we are constantly striving to provide a courteous and hassle-free service to our passengers. We are investigating the incident and would like to assure that their comfort has always been our top priority. We strive to always provide the best possible experience.”

Turprom previously wrote that “For insulting a complete tourist, the court ordered the airline to pay for her a course of psychotherapy.”

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