Shuttle tours to Turkey for consumer goods have begun: the leaders are not only Russians and Ukrainians, but also Europeans

Shuttle tours to Turkey for consumer goods have begun: not only Russians and Ukrainians are leaders, but and Europeans

The mass restoration of a specific type of shopping – shuttle tours, well known to those who survived the 90s, is noted in Turkey. Interestingly, Turkish consumer goods primarily relied on Russia, given the problems in the consumer market due to sanctions. However, not only Russian shoppers, but Ukrainians went to wholesale shopping centers en masse – which is logical, but surprisingly – Europeans also massively reached out, mainly from the former socialist camp – Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc.

According to the president of the Turkish Association of Industrialists and Businessmen of Laleli, the “Russian” shopping district of Istanbul, known, among other things, for its wholesale markets, in the past, the share of buyers from Russia reached 70%. Now diversification has increased – the share of Ukraine is growing, as well as Bulgaria and Hungary. Polish buyers also began to return, who had been in first place before the “invasion” of the Russians, and then, with the entry into the EU, “they were cut off”

Nevertheless, about half of all trade volumes are Russia and Ukraine. “The share of Russia in the Laleli market is 35%, Ukraine – 20%. Now, due to the general situation, we are recording a decrease in demand by 10-20%,” the Turkish expert noted.

In general, the volume of trade last year amounted to $3.5 billion, this year they also expect no less than 3 billion. Before the pandemic, it was about 7 billion, and in general there were periods when incomes rose to 16-17 billion.

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