Smelly and unpleasant: Russian tourist was horrified by traditional Thai dishes

Smelly and unpleasant: Russian tourist was horrified by traditional Thai dishes

The most unpleasant – for the Russian taste – dishes of Thailand were presented by a tourist who constantly asks the question “how the taste buds of Asians work” in her blog in Yandex.Zen. She admitted that Thailand has a lot of interesting and tasty dishes, but some of them make her wonder why the locals prefer this. And among them:

  • Rice porridge Jock: “The favorite breakfast of Thais is rice boiled to a state of glutinous porridge. An egg is broken into it and boiled meat is added. Someone prefers chicken, pork or fish, but the most popular option is jock with offal (liver, hearts, ventricles). The smell is terrible!” the tourist complains.
  • Colored or “centennial” eggs – they are kept in an alkaline solution from 1 month to a year. “The protein darkens and becomes like jelly, and the yolk looks like something absolutely terrible. Only pickled eggs can be worse: sour and odorous,” a tourist writes.
  • Crocodile: “I constantly see crocodile skewers on sale. The price for a skewer of 7-8 small pieces is only 100 rubles. Connoisseurs say that it looks like chicken, but the meat is tougher. I don’t know and I don’t want to know,” the tourist assures.
  • Insects: according to her, this is not a “specialty” for tourists – larvae and scorpions are a popular snack with locals too.
  • Noodles with paws: noodle seasoning like chicken paws – “seriously, straight with claws!” or “cubes of baked pig's blood” also shocked the tourist. According to her, she “didn’t even try it for a bet.”
  • Duck beaks: “They are easy to find not only in the evening markets, but also in the freezing departments of hypermarkets. Thais pickle them in soy sauce and sugar syrup, and then deep-fry them. They are said to taste salty-sweet. Beaks are not eaten whole, but gnawed. Does it sound appetizing? the tourist asks.
  • Sour mango: “Thai people love to eat unripe mangoes and papaya. They sprinkle them with a mixture of salt, sugar and pepper and dunk them in a terrible fish-flavored sauce. I still cringe when I remember,” she says.
  • Offal: “Thais love skewers of chicken ventricles and hearts, they add dried intestines, liver, chicken and pig legs to soups. It is easy to find baked pig blood in the markets. I understand that there are people in the world who like it. But not enough to sell odorous entrails on every corner! ”, The tourist complains.
  • Unusual seafood – here the fish heads caused the disfavor of the tourists (in the heat and surrounded by flies ”and“ someone really buys dried squid, which are tied with clothespins to carts and dragged through dirty streets? “What monster eats turtles?” – the tourist also asks.
  • Slurry in pots – she turned out to be the leader. The tourist describes it like this: “Often, right next to the roadway in Thailand, you can meet a soup seller. He is surrounded by vats of goo. I don't even want to know what's in them. Sometimes inside something marsh-green. It smells like cabbage and rotten eggs (or is it because the vendors like to sit next to sewers?). Sometimes paws stick out of the pans. The soup is often sold in a gray-brown color. One kind makes me feel bad. How do they eat it?”

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