Southeast Asian country, popular among Russians, has simplified the visa regime

Southeast Asia, popular among Russians, has simplified the visa regime

The visa regime for “long-term” tourists has been simplified by the country of Southeast Asia, which is popular – including among Russians. We are talking about Indonesia, and also specifically about tourists entering Indonesia on an electronic visa on arrival (e-VOA). Tourists no longer need to apply for a visa extension in person at the immigration office, the country's General Directorate of Immigration said, and to be able to stay in Indonesia for the next 30 days, they only need to apply for an e-VOA extension through the molina.imigration website. True, Russian tourists may have additional problems.

“Foreigners who use the e-VOA electronic visa to enter the territory of Indonesia register their data in the immigration system. They no longer need to upload proof of entry in their passports when applying for an e-VOA renewal on the Immigration Molina website. Visa holders just need to log in to the site, click the “renew” button and follow the instructions,” explained Ahmad Nur Saleh, Sub-Coordinator for Public Relations at the General Directorate of Immigration, Monday (January 30, 2023).

True for Russians tourists have one problem: payments for renewal can also be made directly on the Internet using a Visa, Mastercard or JCB card, but this is not available to all Russians. “After the payment is completed, the foreigner will receive a digital e-VOA document that has been extended through an email address,” the expert added.

Another limitation is that the e-visa itself is only valid for 30 days and can only be renewed once, also for 30 days. Those who have already extended their visas, alas, will have to leave the country. Those. The length of stay for an e-Visa with extension is 60 days.

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