Spanish resorts are again on the verge of closure: the story began two years ago

Spanish resorts again on the threshold of closure: the story of two years ago began

Wearing masks – still voluntary and only in public places – encourages tourists in Spanish resorts, as cases of coronavirus continue to grow. Some are already afraid that lockdowns will return according to the old scheme – first masks, then restrictions on visiting public places, then their complete closure, as was the case 2 years ago after the appearance of Covid-19.

At the moment, Spanish Health officials are urging tourists to wear masks while on holiday in the Balearic Islands. The number of cases in Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca has increased – they remind, the new strain of coronavirus is milder, but more contagious than previous incarnations of the virus, they say. Health officials also warned that it still poses a risk to life. As a result, calls for tourists to wear masks in public space are published again.

At the same time, masks are mandatory in public transport – this rule has not been lifted. As Patricia Gomez, the Balearic Minister of Health, told local media, she would prefer to avoid adding restrictions. However, she urged people to act sensibly and wear a mask in crowds – for example, at a concert.

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