Stay Away: 4 Kinds of Tourists Have Been Chased From Popular City

Stay away: 4 kinds of tourists are chased away from the popular city

The authorities of the Netherlands took up the “cleansing” of the capital from some categories of hated tourists in order to change the tourist image. To do this, they launched a new campaign called “Stay Away”. It was decided not to let in travelers who choose Amsterdam for immoral and “dirty” holidays.

The new decision follows the liberal laws of the capital of the Netherlands regarding drugs, alcohol and sex, which have created a reputation for this city where absolutely everything is allowed . According to local media reports, foreign guests actively used this image of the capital, thereby creating new problems for this city. In this regard, the Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam, Sofjan Mbarki, stressed the importance of the decision.

“Action is needed to prevent inconvenience and overcrowding. Amsterdam is a city of peace, and with that comes hustle and bustle, but to keep our city livable, we need to choose restraint over irresponsible growth,” Schengenvisainfo quoted the official as saying.

It is known that Amsterdam receives more than 20 million foreign tourists annually, making it one of the most famous cities in Europe. However, with a recently launched campaign, the Amsterdam authorities are doing their best to reduce the number of travelers next spring by preventing some well-known entertainment events.

Which tourists will be chased away and banned from entering Amsterdam? There are four categories in total:

  1. Tourists who use marijuana and drugs
  2. Stag party visitors
  3. Sex tourists, brothel lovers
  4. Excessive tourism

However, despite the restrictions placed on travelers from the aforementioned categories, the Amsterdam authorities continue to keep their borders open to other visitors. Tourists are especially welcome there, making a positive contribution to the development of the city.

Earlier this year, the mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema, stressed that the city plans to close all cafes or coffee shops that offer cannabis on their menu. This is necessary to keep the local soft drug market under control.
“Many of the major problems in the city are fueled by the cannabis market, from the troubles caused by drug tourism to serious crime and violence. The ban on sales to tourists is a necessary intervention … and the first step towards regulation,” she stressed, according to a report provided by Dutch News. According to a study by local authorities, only 66 out of 166 licensed coffee houses in the capital of the Netherlands are needed to meet local demand.

Amsterdam officials have repeatedly tried to find effective solutions to this problem, since Amsterdam is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe. However, the efforts did not always bring the desired result. Halsema previously stated that a study conducted by the Dutch government showed that a total of 58% of foreign travelers who reached the capital of the country chose this city for the purpose of drug use.

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