Stay away: Tourists in Turkey warned again of great danger

Stay clear: Tourists in Turkey have been warned again of great danger

Another country has issued a warning on Turkey. This time, especially for Swedish tourists, who were once again warned of great danger and urged to stay away – at least from crowded places. Such a warning was issued by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with possible terrorist attacks against tourists in Turkey.

The most interesting thing here is that it was Sweden and one of the radical Swedish politicians that caused the tension and problems for tourists. Turkish-Swedish relations escalated when a public burning of the Koran was allowed in front of the Swedish Embassy in Turkey, and the action was guarded by the Swedish police.

Recall that earlier statements about the danger of being in Turkey at the Foreign Ministry level were made in several EU countries and the United States, as well as statements were made by the consulates of France, Spain, Italy and the United States, which issued an official warning to their tourists. Moreover, in the German warning, for example, the role of Sweden was emphasized: “The burning of the Koran in front of the Turkish embassy in Sweden has recently increased the risk of terrorist attacks in Turkey. Therefore, one should avoid being in crowded public places and be careful when visiting religious places of worship,” the German Foreign Ministry reported (read more here). to their citizens in Turkey. Swedes in Turkey are asked to stay away from crowded places and follow developments. The ministry also said that they are waiting for detailed statements from the country's representative offices in Ankara and Istanbul.

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