Strong demand for Antalya for the winter has begun: two airlines have already announced a list of Russian cities of departure

There is a strong demand for Antalya for the winter: two airlines have already announced a list of Russian departure cities

Russian Red Wings and AZUR Airlines have expanded their winter charter programs to Turkish Antalya from many Russian cities. Carriers have put air tickets on sale on their websites.

Red Wings will fly to Antalya in winter from 5 cities

Red Wings airline will operate in the autumn-winter season flight program to the resort city of Turkey from the following cities:

  1. Yekaterinburg
  2. Kazan
  3. Makhachkala
  4. Samara
  5. Ufa

According to Turkish travel media, Red Wings will operate weekly flights from Yekaterinburg to Antalya from 1 November. If during the summer season the carrier operated four flights a week on the route Samara – Antalya, then in winter their number will be reduced to one flight.

AZUR Airlines: list of departure cities to Antalya

The airlines will continue to organize winter charter flights to the main coastal city of Turkey from the following seven cities of the Russian Federation:

  1. Yekaterinburg
  2. Kazan
  3. Mineralnye Vody
  4. < li>Moscow

  5. Samara
  6. Sochi
  7. Ufa

These flights to the southern city of Turkey will deliver Russian “packet” tourists from tour operators ANEX Tour and Intourist. It was clarified that in winter, AZUR Airlines intends to fly on the Yekaterinburg-Antalya route three times a week.

“The number of foreign destinations open for flights in winter is small, and high-quality hotels in the off-season will offer better prices than in the summer,” Turkish publications quoted Russian travel agencies as saying that Turkey is in high demand among vacationers in winter. Read the details in the article “In Turkey, they announced stunning numbers of Russians in the upcoming winter.”

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