Taxi drivers are shocked: a passenger wound up in Thailand who shits on the seat and runs away without paying

Taxi drivers in shock: in Thailand, a passenger wound up who shits on the seat and runs away without paying

Bangkok drivers warned tourists about the “smelling”, and in the literal sense, “surprise”. In social networks, and then in the Thai press, a warning appeared that drivers began to come across an inadequate passenger who shits on the seat and runs away without paying. More than one taxi driver complained about an unpleasant meeting, so tourists should be more careful.

The alarm was raised on social media by a local taxi driver from Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok. He reported on a female passenger who not only ran away without paying, but also pissed off his car. He posted a video with the following text: “Warning all taxi drivers! I don't want others to go through what I went through. Picked up a passenger from Dongki Mall on Soi Thong Lor Street in Bangkok to Furng Fah Village in Samut Prakarn. The fare cost 417 baht, but I didn’t get it and I even have to pay for cleaning the car.” In the video, the car is seen arriving at its destination and the passenger starts yelling, “I don’t have the money to pay. Hey, look at my head. You see? I have cancer, and I poop in your shoes!” At the same time, in the comments, the driver added that the passenger fulfilled her threat literally. “My back seat was filthy,” he complained.

However, other unpleasant details were revealed in the comments: it turned out that there were other victims. According to the driver who started the topic, even the locals told him that they knew the woman and no one ever gave her a ride, “because she always defecated in every car and never paid the fare.” It also turned out that the inadequate passenger shows “miracles of dexterity”, including changing her appearance with a wig to lure a new driver – and he is far from the first victim.

Thus, several taxi drivers wrote in the comments at once who also brought this woman. “I saw her wearing a purple wig with short hair and a bronze wig with long hair,” one of the drivers stated. People also appeared talking to the woman outside the taxi, reporting that “it looks like she has mental health problems” and “she is begging people for money for expensive coffee and snacks, as well as money to return home.”

< p> At the same time, local victims claim that they tried to contact the police, they even sentenced the “shitting” woman to a fine – but no one paid him. The injured taxi driver himself also reported that he filed a complaint with the police. However, the police did not find the woman at her place of residence – as her family assures, she has not been seen since Monday. So tourists run the risk of ending up in a filthy taxi.

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