Tears and screams did not help: Russian tourist was not allowed into a popular country

Tears and screams did not help: a Russian tourist was not allowed into a popular country

A Russian tourist wanted to go on vacation to popular Israel and even bought a tour for this with an excursion for 234 thousand rubles, but upon arrival, the border guard refused her entry, even tears and screams did not help. The story was reported by lawyers for the tourism industry “Bayborodin and Partners” in their channel on “Yandex.Zen”.

The incident occurred with a traveler who bought a ticket to Tel Aviv at a travel agency in Sterlitamak (Republic of Bashkortostan). The cost was 234 thousand rubles. Upon arrival at the destination from the tour operator ICS Travel Group, the Russian woman, like other tourists, was expected by passport control. “The border guard didn’t let her in. As it turned out, due to reasons to prevent illegal migration, she was denied entry. Tears and screams did not help – the tourist was deported back on the same day, ”the publication said.

Upon returning to Russia, the woman turned to a travel agent who sold her a ticket. What the employee could do was to advise him to write an application for minimizing the fine for the actual costs incurred. We add that the application is filled in if, after the cancellation of the tour, it is required to minimize the actual costs incurred, which the tour operator withheld. Considered after the tour is certified.

The woman wrote a statement to the tour operator and, without waiting for payment from him, filed a lawsuit, including against her travel agent. “In the statement of claim, the tourist complained that if she had known about the possible non-admission at passport control, she would not have entered into a travel agreement. At the same time, blaming the travel agent and the tour operator that they are responsible for everything that happened, ”the company specified.

As a result, the compatriot demanded to recover from the two defendants the full cost of the tour, as well as compensation for moral injury in the amount of 30 thousand rubles. and a fine of 50% of the ticket amount. The court considered the case and decided to partially satisfy the claims of the traveler against the tour operator. The travel agent, in the opinion of the judge, was not to blame.

Note that the travel insurance that she could have purchased would not have helped in this case either, since the refusal of admission issued by the border service of another state did not is an insured event in any insurance company.

Help: Israel has one of the strictest border controls in the world. Previously, the Department of Population and Migration published a list of reasons for denial of entry into the Jewish state, which lists more than 20 main reasons for refusal, including the unclear purpose of the visit, the suspicion that the purpose of the arrival is permanent residence in the country or illegal employment.

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