Terrifying footage has emerged of tourists jumping off a sinking ship after it crashed in Egypt's Bermuda Triangle

Horrifying footage has surfaced of tourists jumping off a sinking ship after it crashed in the Egyptian Bermuda Triangle< /p>An emergency had to be endured by tourists who were counting on a luxury yacht trip on the Red Sea. Terrifying footage has surfaced online of tourists jumping off a sinking ship after it sank in Egypt's Bermuda Triangle near the Shaab Abu Nuhas reef. A yacht carrying 16 European tourists capsized and sank. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

According to the British edition of the Sun, who interviewed one of the tourists who witnessed this crash, there were 16 tourists on board the 40-meter luxury charter yacht, mostly British and Spanish divers, who were just planning to dive at Cape Shaab Abu Nuhas , which is unofficially known as the Bermuda Triangle of the Red Sea – and it lived up to its fame. The yacht crashed quite suddenly for tourists.

“It was supposed to be a nice easy transition…we were discussing diving and all of a sudden the boat rocked a lot, the tables started moving towards us, we had to raise our legs to keep them from crashing into us. Therefore, the boat tilted 40 degrees, we saw sea foam outside the window, water pressure threw water through the cracks around the window, ”said the tourist about the first moments of the disaster. As seen in the horrific footage, the ship rolled over on its side and began to sink into the water.

“We almost got stuck in the cabin, and barely got out, but still we made our way out. We were sure that if this boat capsized, we would die … the windows could break before we could get out, and we would be trapped, ”says the Briton.

For the part, the composure of the tourists did not change – although the eerie footage shows some of them jumping into the water to avoid being submerged along with the boat, all the tourists successfully boarded several life rafts. The incident happened in a rather busy area, as a result, the wrecked were quickly rescued by other ships that arrived in time for the place of the emergency. There were no deaths or serious injuries as a result of the incident. However, almost all the tourists' belongings were left on the sunken boat.

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