Thai Police Expect Tourist Crime Explosion

Thai police expect tourist crime to explode

The massive return of foreign tourists to Thailand will lead to an explosive increase in crime in the country – primarily due to “tourists” from criminal gangs, traveling under the guise of tourists. Such an official statement by the senior inspector of the Thai police, General Visanu Prasatthongosota, was circulated by the international media.

The Royal Thai Police will have to redouble its efforts to fight international crime, he said. The reason is that Thailand is located on as the country is becoming more and more open due to the restrictions imposed due to Covid-19. Inspector, , told the Daily News that Thailand is located at the “transit” crossroads of Southeast Asia, making it an ideal location for international crimes such as cybercrime, money laundering through counterfeit companies, drug trafficking and a number of others.

In addition, as stated by the Thai police officer, the criminal element – from small to large, also attracts the cost of living in Thailand. This is another factor that attracts international criminals posing as tourists. In fact, these tourists are fugitives from Europe, the US and Australia, who have a criminal trail – they are involved in mafia activities, drugs, human trafficking, money laundering and fraud. Added to this are gangs from Africa and East Asia and South Asians and Africans who specialize in smaller crimes such as fraud, in particular “love affairs”, as well as theft.

However, as Mr. Visanu warned, the country will try to establish a “criminal barrier” reliably: the police will actively cooperate with such “offices” as Interpol and the Thai Immigration Service, and only the latter has about 30 million people in its biometric database, which uses facial recognition. and fingerprinting to identify prohibited persons. Facial recognition will prevent criminals from slipping away simply by changing their names and obtaining new documents.

Thai resorts are actively preparing for alleged visits by criminal “tourists”, police officials added. So, in Phuket, a meeting was held on the expected increase in drug problems on the resort island in light of the easing of restrictions on entry into Thailand. It has been stated that airlines need stronger oversight to prevent drug smuggling into Phuket.

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