Thailand has found a replacement for Russian tourists, decommissioning them completely

Thailand has found a replacement for Russian tourists, writing them off completely

Thailand is trying to find a replacement for two tourist heavyweights, namely the Chinese and Russian markets, which the country does not expect to resume sending their tourists until at least the end of 2022. This is predicted to reduce nearly 35% of Thailand's pre-pandemic tourism market. At the moment, Thailand has already counted 713 thousand foreigners who have entered, of which more than 50% are tourists.

Today, May 1, the day the border barriers are lifted and the old entry systems are abandoned, the Tourism Authority of Thailand , voiced optimistic expectations – the country hopes to attract at least 1 million tourists every month ahead of the high season in the last quarter of 2022. At the same time, the forecasts of 10-15 million tourists in 2022 were still abandoned at TAT – including due to the departure of the “heavyweights”.

“We are focused on entering travel markets from some key countries in what is known as the 'long haul market'. These countries include the United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia,” the TAT said. Thailand has been actively working on attracting tourists from the latter since December. Also focusing on the “short-haul market” TAT aims to attract tourists from India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea. The countries of Latin America and Europe are also among the targets, although it is not specified which ones.

The head of the TAT, Yuthasak Supasorn, said he remains an optimist. “Despite the difficult conditions associated with low travel confidence, a shortage of labor in the tourism sector, the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and a bad economy… our goal of 7-10 million arrivals remains within reach,” he assured.

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