Thailand returns to the fight against covid: the first restrictions are announced

Thailand returns to fighting covid: first restrictions announced

The public health authorities of Thailand have called for the return of a ten-day quarantine – though so far only for people with confirmed covid, as well as a mask regimen in the risk zone. According to Thai media, such a statement was made by the press secretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Rungrueng Kitfati. Also, health officials are confident that the actual rates of coronavirus disease are significantly higher than those detected, since some of the sick are simply not tested.

So far, this is just a call from the Ministry of Health for masks and quarantine – that is. it is optional. But it is clear that this is only a preparation of public opinion for the re-imposition of covid restrictions in Thailand.

“We found that a number of infected patients were not following the 10-day quarantine rule and were going out, which is likely to spread the disease to others,” the Thai official said. He also recalled that although the world seems to be finally returning to normal, the World Health Organization warns that the Covid pandemic is far from over.

Including, according to him, in Thailand there is a so-called “mini-wave” of coronavirus infections, especially in Bangkok. Although there have been reports of about 2,000 cases each day, some doctors claim that the actual number of current infections is between 20,000 and 30,000 per day, due to those not being screened. But the official admits that in Thailand, as in much of the world, people are tired of the security measures. Therefore, it is not a fact that calls for voluntary compliance with anti-COVID measures will not be ignored – and perhaps this is the first step towards enforcing them.

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