Thailand's prime minister shocked tourism: no one expected such a creeping curve

Thai Prime Minister shocked tourism: no one expected such a creeping curve

Tourists reacted quite cheerfully to the lifting of major covid restrictions by Thailand, but not in the way that was expected in the kingdom . In general, the conclusions of analysts, voiced by the Prime Minister of Thailand, turned out to be shocking for the local tourism industry, choking from a lack of tourists: tourism in the kingdom will recover extremely slowly, along a very flat, literally barely creeping up curve.

So, only by the next 2023, the number of foreign tourists in Thailand is expected to recover, and only up to half of the volume of the “pre-Covid” 2019, and then if the situation with the coronavirus does not worsen again. This forecast was voiced by the Thai media. At the same time, they quote a statement made by Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-Ocha – he expects 20 million tourists to visit the kingdom next year, which is about half as much as in pre-pandemic years. Moreover, this figure will “take place” and the situation with Covid-19 will not worsen.

“Despite some slowdown in economic growth, the rise in exports as a result of the weakening baht, combined with the increase in the number of tourists, gives reason for hope,” the prime minister said. By the way, he named not only the pandemic, but also the political and economic situation in Europe, not the last reason preventing the resumption. Recall that the pandemic “closed” one of the country’s most massive markets, namely China. The second mass market – namely Russia – is also practically inaccessible due to the lack of direct transportation and air sanctions. The latter also presented a “surprise” to the Europeans – in connection with the closure of Russian airspace for transportation, as well as rising prices for jet fuel, long-haul flights from Europe, including to Thailand, are not cheap.

As a result, the government cuts its 2022 gross domestic product forecast from 4% to 3.5%. At the same time, in 2021, the Thai economy grew by 1.6%, recovering from a contraction of 6.2% in 2020.

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